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  • For roofing, siding, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work, go to the Quick Permits webpage. Most of these projects can be permitted online by a licensed contractor and do not need plan review. Exceptions are noted on the Quick Permits webpage.

  • See Section 130.3 Exempted Work of the Denver Building and Fire Code for activities that do not require a building permit.

Information about residential plan review

There are two ways to have building and zoning plans reviewed and permits issued:

  • Same-day reviews are available in person at the single-family/duplex walk-through counter for simple projects, like most porches, patios, decks, sheds, and fences.

  • Projects that involve structural work or need additional reviews by other agencies (like new construction, additions, and attic conversions) must be emailed or dropped off in person for a review, known as "log in." These projects should complete the checklists and forms in the Residential Permitting Guide (PDF) before submitting plans for review.

Click the pictures below for more information on what to expect at walk-through and log in.



Guidance on dealing with asbestos and lead

CO Department of Public Health and Environment Logo

Colorado requires an asbestos inspection before remodeling if there might be asbestos-containing materials, and before any demolition work. This inspection determines whether abatement is required. Unsafe removal of asbestos releases microscopic fibers that can cause severe lung disease and cancer when inhaled.

Learn more about state asbestos rules and permits.

Denver Water logo

To prevent breaks, low-pressure issues, and health risks, replace water service lines that are older than 50 years or that are made of non-copper materials, particularly lead and galvanized pipe. Contact Denver Water Sales Administration to find out if the water lines on your property need to be replaced.

Learn when and how service lines must be replaced.

US Environmental Protection Agency logo

The EPA requires firms performing renovation, repair, and painting in homes, childcare facilities and preschools built before 1978 to use an EPA-certified renovator trained to follow specific work practices to prevent contamination from lead-based paint.

Find certified RRP contractors.


Need help with building repairs or upgrades?

These organizations help serve Denver-area residents, from installing wheelchair ramps, snow removal and landscaping to minor electrical/plumbing work, energy-efficient upgrades, and more. 



All files are PDF downloads.

Zoning tip sheets:

Thinking of a do-it-yourself (DIY) project?

Are you getting ready to complete a home project and trying to figure out whether to hire a licensed contractor or complete the work as a DIY project? Here are some things to consider:


Due to high demand, please leave a detailed message by phone or email, and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Include your name, property address, phone number, and details of your question so we can make sure the right person returns your call/email. 

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