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November 2018 General Election Information

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How to Vote

  • Get Ready To Vote - register to vote & keep your address up to date
  • Research - review both TABOR Notices/Bluebooks from the City & County of Denver as well as the State of Colorado. For more information on candidates and issues you may also reference Denver Decides.
  • Vote By Mail - beginning the week of October 15th ballots will be automatically mailed to active voters, or
  • Vote In-Person - voters may also choose to vote in-person at a Voter Service and Polling Center beginning October 15th
  • Ballots must be received by 7pm on November 6, 2018 

Important Dates

  • October 15: Ballots begin mailing to active voters this week
  • October 15: 22 day Colorado residency deadline
  • October 15: Drop-boxes open across the City
  • October 22: Phase 1 Vote Centers open
  • November 3: Phase 2 Vote Centers open
  • November 5: Phase 3 Vote Centers open
  • November 6: Election Day
    • Vote Centers open 7am - 7pm
    • Ballots must be received by 7pm

Track Your Ballot

Track the status of your ballot by signing up for Denver's innovative ballot tracking system:

Questions? Connect With Us

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Where to Vote or Drop-Off Your Ballot


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List of drop-box and Vote Center locations available here (pdf)

Having an issue finding/accessing a Vote Center? Please call 720-913-VOTE.

What's On the Ballot

Click here to view the complete sample ballot in PDF format and view TABOR/Bluebook Notices from the City & County of Denver & the State of Colorado to learn more.

The following races will appear in Denver - this is a comprehensive list, some races may not appear on your specific ballot.

Federal Offices

  • Representative to the 116th United States

State Offices

  • Governor/Lieutenant Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasurer
  • Attorney General
  • Regent of the University of Colorado - At Large
  • State Senator - District 16
  • State Senator - District 32
  • State Senator - District 34
  • State Representative - District 1
  • State Representative - District 2
  • State Representative - District 4
  • State Representative - District 5
  • State Representative - District 6
  • State Representative - District 7
  • State Representative - District 8
  • State Representative - District 9
  • Regional Transportation District Director - District B
  • Regional Transportation District Director - District C
  • Colorado Judicial Retention Questions

State of Colorado Ballot Questions

  • Amenedment V: Lower Age Requirement for Members of the State Legislature
  • Amendment W: Election Ballot Format for Judicial Retention Elections
  • Amendment X: Industrial Hemp Definition
  • Amendment Y: Congressional Redistricting
  • Amendment Z: Legislative Redistricting
  • Amendment A: Prohibit Slavery and Involuntary Servitude in All Circumstances
  • Amendment 73: Funding for Public Schools
  • Amendment 74:  Compensation for Reduction in Fair Market Value by Government Law or Regulation
  • Amendment 75: Campaign Contributions
  • Proposition 109: Authorize Bonds for Highway Projects
  • Proposition 110: Authorize Sales Tax and Bonds for Transportation Projects
  • Proposition 111: Limitations on Payday Loans
  • Proposition 112: Increased Setback Requirement for Oil and Natural Gas Development

City & County of Denver Ballot Questions

  • Referred Measure 2A: Parks, Trails, and Open Space Tax
  • Referred Measure 2B: Initiative Requirements
  • Referred Measure 2C: Police Department Hires
  • Referred Measure 2D: Clerk and Recorder Appointees
  • Referred Measure 2E: Campaign Finance Public Fund
  • Initiated Ordinance 300: Denver College Affordability Fund
  • Initiated Ordinance 301: Caring For Denver
  • Initiated Ordinance 302: Healthy Food for Denver’s Kids
  • Ballot Issue 7G: Urban Drainage and Flood Control District