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How to Vote

  • Get Ready To Vote - keep your address up to date
  • Who Can Vote - Unaffiliated voters and voters affiliated as Democrat or Republican
  • Vote By Mail - beginning June 4, 2018 ballots will be automatically mailed to eligible voters. Voters may chose to vote and return their mail ballot, or
  • Vote In-Person - voters may also chose to vote in-person at a Voter Service and Polling Center
  • Voting Locations - List of all voting locations, dates and times.
  • Ballots must be received by 7pm on June 26, 2018 

Important Dates

  • June 4:  Ballots mail to active voters this week
  • June 4:  22 day Colorado residency deadline
  • June 11:  Elections Division VSPC opens
  • June 18:  All other VSPCs open
  • June 26:  All VSPCs open 7am until 7pm
  • June 26:  Election Day, ballots must be received by 7pm

Track Your Ballot

Track the status of your ballot by signing up for Denver's innovative ballot tracking system:

Questions? Connect With Us

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What's New in 2018?

  • Unaffiliated voters are eligible to participate in the Primary Election, active voters will automatically receive their ballot(s) in the mail
  • Unaffiliated voters that have not indicated a party preference will receive two ballots, one for Democratic races and one for Republican races
  • Unaffiliated voters without a party preference should select one ballot to vote and return only one voted ballot
  • Unaffiliated voters returning a Primary Ballot will remain Unaffiliated, however, under state law the party of the ballot you choose will be recorded in your voter record

Where to Vote or Drop-Off Your Ballot

What's On the Ballot

The following races will appear on the June 2018 Primary ballot:

  • Representative to the 116th U.S. Congress - District 1
  • Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasurer
  • Attorney General
  • Regent of the University of Colorado - At-large
  • State Senator - District 16
  • State Senator - District 32
  • State Senator - District 34
  • State Representative - District 1
  • State Representative - District 2
  • State Representative - District 4
  • State Representative - District 5
  • State Representative - District 6
  • State Representative - District 7
  • State Representative - District 8
  • State Representative - District 9