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ACCESO: Spanish Language Voter Advisory Board

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Virtual ACCESO Monthly Meeting

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Time: 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Location: Microsoft Teams (download the application for free or join from your web browser)

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+1 720-388-6219  | Conference ID: 586 723 762#

ACCESO ("access" in Spanish) is a committee that assists the Clerk and Recorder and the Elections Director in their outreach efforts to Denver's limited-English, Spanish-speaking citizens.

Central goals include:

  • Making voting materials more accessible,
  • Ensuring an adequate number of Spanish-speaking poll workers
  • Increasing voting participation


More information about ACCESO

ACCESO's Mission

"Provide advice and guidance to the Office of the Clerk and Recorder and its Elections Division to assist in communicating to the Spanish language community for purposes of providing elections information and promoting voting and participation of all citizens in the elections process."  

More information - facts about ACCESO (PDF)

ACCESO's History

  • In 1973, a provision was added to the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965, mandating that counties must provide bilingual election materials and information if 5 percent or more of their voting-age citizens speak a language other than English, or have limited English skills.
  • In 2002, the City and County of Denver met the 5 percent threshold for Spanish speakers, and formed the original Spanish Language Advisory Board (SLAB).  
  • In 2008, newly-elected Clerk and Recorder Stephanie O’Malley built upon the efforts of SLAB, creating the ACCESO Spanish-Language Voter Advisory Board.
  • In 2009, Clerk O’Malley collaborated on and backed an ordinance to formally establish the committee, giving the board permanence and a more formal structure.
  • The ACCESO ordinance took effect January 11, 2010. The first ACCESO board members were appointed in July 2010. Members then elected the committee's officers.
  • In 2013, ACCESO endorsed the position of Denver Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson in favor of House Bill 13-1303, creating the Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act. The bill, sponsored by Representatives Hullinghorst/Pabon and Senator Giron, advanes the goals of ACCESO by modernizing elections to reflect the way people vote.

ACCESO's Structure

Today, ACCESO has 16 members representing various geographic areas of Denver. The members serve three years and participate in scheduled meetings and educational activities about the electoral process.

ACCESO generally meets on a quarterly basis leading up to general and local elections.

The board may schedule additional meetings, and provides notices of all meetings in accordance with the Denver open meetings ordinance.

The meetings are dynamic and all board members contribute their ideas and updates to the team, the Director of the Elections Division, and the Clerk and Recorder.

Members of the Denver community with an interest in providing information about, and promoting participation in, the electoral process are encouraged to apply for membership on the ACCESO board.

  • Membership is voluntary and unpaid
  • Applicants must be registered voters and should be involved with the Spanish-speaking Denver community
  • Fluency in Spanish is especially welcome
  • Applications are reviewed by the ACCESO board 
  • Members are appointed by the Clerk and Recorder
  • Application period is open. 

Apply now (PDF Form)

ACCESO Members

  • Eddie Bustamante
  • Vallerie Bustamante
  • Carla Castedo Ribero
  • Salvador Hernandez
  • Margaret Navarez
  • Ariadna Ochoa Magallanes
  • Maria Jose Torres

Special thank you to the following members who recently completed their terms with ACCESO:

  • Margaret Atencio
  • Adriana Lara
  • Stella Madrid

You will be missed.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated. 

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