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Denver Elections Division Debuts Confined Voter Program

(Denver) – The Denver Elections Division has partnered with the Denver Sheriff’s Department, and the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition to create a confined voter process so eligible inmates housed at the Denver County Jail and the Van Cise - Simonet Detention Center can exercise their right to vote if they so choose.

“In continuing with our mission to administer elections that are secure, accessible, transparent, and efficient, we have identified an opportunity to enhance our service for confined but eligible voters.  With this new program, we have enhanced opportunity and access in a secure and effective manner.” Director of Elections Amber McReynolds said.

Ballots will be mailed to the facilities by the U.S. Postal Service and the Elections Division will work with the Program Administrators at both facilities to distribute the ballots. CCJRC staff will serve as election judges and lend their expertise in communicating voter information to the inmate population. 

“It is important that government agencies support civic engagement for all citizens, including those unable to vote due to confinement,” Denver Sheriff Patrick Firman said. “The Sheriff’s Department is proud to offer its inmate community this cutting-edge service in partnership with the Denver Elections Division and the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition.”

“There is a misconception that Colorado residents held pretrial and those serving a misdemeanor sentence are ineligible to vote,” CCJRC Communication Coordinator Pam Clifton said. “They are eligible and they need access. This partnership aims to bridge the gap to better ensure that all eligible voters in Denver are able to vote. We are honored to partner with the Denver Election Division and the Denver Sheriff’s Department to improve voting access for people in jail.”