Current Elected Officials

Governor John Hickenlooper
Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia
Secretary of State  Wayne Williams
Treasurer Walker Stapleton
Attorney General-Elect Cynthia Coffman

Senate District 16 Tim Neville
Senate District 31 Pat Steadman
Senate District 32 Irene Aguilar
Senate District 33 Michael Johnston
Senate District 34 Lucia Guzman

House District 1 Susan Lontine
House District 2 Alec Garnett
House District 4 Dan Pabon
House District 5 Crisanta Duran
House District 6 Lois Court
House District 7 Angela Williams
House District 8 Beth McCann
House District 9 Paul Rosenthal

Colorado General Assembly Directory

Mayor Michael B. Hancock
Auditor Timothy O'Brien
Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson
City Council Members
District 1 Rafael Espinoza
District 2 Kevin Flynn
District 3 Paul D. Lopez
District 4 Kendra Black
District 5 Mary Beth Susman
District 6 Paul Kashmann
District 7 Jolon Clark
District 8 Christopher Herndon
District 9 Albus Brooks
District 10 Wayne New
District 11 Stacie Gilmore
At-Large Robin Kniech
At-Large Deborah Ortega


2nd Judicial District Attorney Mitchell R. Morrissey