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Become an Election Judge

Denver Works Election Judge Program

The Denver Elections Division is looking for registered voters in the City and County of Denver to serve various temporary election judge assignments for the current election cycle. 



Denver residents must:

  • Pass a Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background check.
  • Complete the on-boarding (paperwork, orientation and training) process
  • Be able to work all assigned dates and hours.
  • Election judges are paid at various rates, depending on assignment.
  • Current assignment pay rates are not based on election judge's previous assignment(s).

Become a Student Election Judge

Denver Civic Engagement Opportunity High School Election Judge Program Logo

Working an election is a hands-on way to learn about democracy while making some extra cash. View Denver's Student Election Judge Program Brochure for additional information.


Student election judges will:

  • learn how our electoral process really works, up close and personal;
  • receive election training from the Denver Elections Division;
  • be paid for their time and effort;
  • gain knowledge and insight working alongside experienced election judges at a Voter Service Center, in-house ballot processing assignment, or as a departmental assistant;
  • participate in a public service that looks great on college applications;
  • receive a certificate of appreciation signed by Denver’s Clerk and Recorder and the Director of Elections.

Teachers will have the opportunity to support curricula on:

  • how democracy depends on citizen participation;
  • how and why citizens vote;
  • how federal, state and local election laws work together;
  • the life cycle of a ballot and how votes are verified, counted and kept anonymous.

All student election judges must:

  • be United States citizens;
  • be Denver residents;
  • be 16 years of age or older, currently attending high school (or home school) as a Junior or Senior;
  • be in good academic standing (as determined by a school official);
  • have the consent of their parents or legal guardians;
  • be willing and able to serve their assignments;
  • be able to attend election training;
  • have never been convicted of any election offense or fraud;
  • not have a family member (to the 2nd degree) on the ballot;
  • complete the Student Election Judge on-boarding process.

It's easy:

1. Download and print the  Student Election Judge Application  (a fillable PDF form sent to you via email), fill it out, and print.
2. The student, a parent/guardian, and a school official must fill out and sign the application and permission slip.
3. Return the completed application to the Denver Elections Division (Attn: Election Judge Coordinator) via:

Apply early!

There are a limited number of student election judge positions.

Questions about the student election judge program?

Give us a call at 720-865-4968.