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The Denver Employees Charitable Campaign

graphic of DECC 2019 logo with words City Employees have Heart

City employees, you show you care in all you do each day. You have heart!

Supporting the Denver Employees Charitable Campaign is another way to fulfill your mission. Now that the 2019 DECC has launched, be among the first to pledge. Just click below to give quickly and easily right out of your paycheck, a few dollars at a time. Help your favorite charity!

We were featured on Your City Now! Watch the video!


Our Story of Giving

The Denver Employees Charitable Campaign (DECC) began in 1988, when Denver Mayor Federico Peña signed an executive order to provide city employees with a “responsive and convenient system of charitable giving through payroll deductions.” Now in its third decade, the DECC has been a continual source of sustainable funding for local nonprofits, with city employees investing $13.2 million in their communities. 

Today, the DECC strives to promote and support philanthropy by providing a cost-effective and employee-focused way for city employees to donate to nonprofits providing support in health and human services, education, social change, arts, environment conservation, and animal welfare. Employees are able to designate their donations to one or more nonprofits through payroll contributions, cash, e-check, or credit card. All donations are voluntary and tax-deductible.  

The DECC aims to bring together employees through events and volunteer opportunities to support their neighbors and create an everlasting legacy in Denver.


Mayor Hancock and the employee Steering Committee have designated Community Shares of Colorado for management of the DECC.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact or 303-861-7507.