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Artists and Crafters Wanted for the the DECC 2015 Arts and Crafts Fair

The Denver Employee's Combined Campaign is now looking for artistic and crafty employees, family and friends of employees, and artists and crafters in the community who are interested to partipate in the DECC 2015 Arts and Crafts Fair that will be held December 3 - 4 in the Wellington Webb Building Atrium. Employees, family and friends of employees, and those who are interested may rent a table/space for one or two days and sell their personally made wares to fellow employees and visitors of the Webb building*. 

This event takes place after Thanksgiving each year, and is a great place to shop for your holiday gifts and to check out the creativity of peer as well as those in the community. Priority is given to current and retired city employees who return the signed agreement with payment on or before Friday, October 23, 2015. All agreements are due by Friday, November 13, 2015. 

Download the agreement. Questions? Contact 

If you are having trouble downloading the agreement, you can right-click the file with your mouse and save to download directly to your desktop.


*If you are selected to participate in the fair, it may be necessary for you to obtain a single event sales tax license from the city and from the state. Review the special event sales tax section of the Business Taxes website for the city form. The state application form and state event sales tax return is linked here and needs to be mailed in (check out for more information).  If you sell your items often, you may already have a tax number and have all of this already taken care of. Do not submit a special event sales tax license form for the DECC 2015 Arts and Crafts Fair until you have received confirmation that you have a space reserved.