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In an effort to offer employees with opportunities to continually raise the bar and elevate their level of proficiency, city-specific course tracks and certification programs will be developed in the areas of leadership, customer service, project management and administration.

Administrative Professionals Excellence (APEX) is designed exclusively for City & County of Denver’s (CCD) employees working in the various levels of office management, clerical support, secretarial, administrative, and executive assistant positions. The program is founded on adult learning principles and delivered through several training methodologies such as instructor-led and online training classes, team-building exercises, self-study, action-learning projects, and peer coaching. 

APEX is designed to be completed as a cohort of 25-30 employees (intra-departmental) who progress through the program together; forming a learning and networking community. APEXers develop a common understanding, skill set, and a sense of mutual support and accountability. Participants will cultivate an aligned vision for expertise and leadership, and learn to develop the trust necessary for effective collaboration and innovative problem solving. 

In addition to the formal instruction delivered over the 12-month period, each APEX cohort will be divided into “action project teams” of four to five participants. Working collaboratively, each team will work on an issue or subject that is relevant and meaningful to their work and the CCD, as well. Conducting appropriate research, each project team will prepare a white paper, and develop/deliver a formal presentation to CCD leadership at the end of the program year. Through this real-world process, time management, leadership, team work, organization, accountability, communication, conflict management, and interpersonal skills are challenged, learned and practiced. The team members support and learn from each another and work to achieve mutual purpose and mutual respect.

For enrollment dates or additional questions, please email or call 720-913-5628.

The Mayor’s Office and city leaders have created the Peak Academy to train colleagues on the principles of “Lean”. Through Peak Academy, city staff learn techniques and strategies for implementing Peak Performance throughout their department, taking personal investment in the City's continuous improvement initiatives. 

Learn more about Peak Academy or read an overview of ' What is the Peak Academy and how do I get in Involved?' 

Career paths by category

Career paths are informational tools useful for both job seekers and employees in considering how to progress in their career, either by moving into a lateral position or into a position of more responsibility. Career paths provide information on education and experience requirements of classifications which are utilized to define career development opportunities.

View the introduction to Career Paths for more information



The information contained on the Career Path website is provided by the Office of Human Resources (OHR) Classification and Compensation Team and is intended for general informational purposes only. Each Career Path on this website is intended to represent the way that an employee in a particular classification would normally progress in their career with the City. However, these Career Paths are not guarantees that an employee will progress nor do they represent the only way available for an employee to progress. The Office of Human Resource Classification and Compensation Team will update this information on an ongoing basis, but for more specific career planning information, please contact the Office of Human Resource's career counselor.

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