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Frequently Asked Questions

Office of Human Resources accepts applications up to the closing date of the announcement period for most positions and begins the application review process. Check the closing date to see if the announcement period has closed. Typically applications are reviewed for the announced requirements within two weeks of the closing date of the announcement. Those applicants who did not meet the announced requirements are notified by email or US mail depending on the applicant's chosen preference. Candidates who did meet the requirements are passed on to the next phase of the examination. If you have not received a disqualification notice, an invitation to a written test or assessment interview, or a notification of a score of an education and experience rating after four weeks from the closing date of the position, you may call 720-913-5627 select option 4 and ask for the analyst in charge of that recruitment.

Each position announcement contains the requirements for eligibility for the position. They are typically in the form of education, experience, driver’s licensure, a copy of college transcripts, professional or technical certification, or any other job-related requirement. The information an applicant submits for the job is reviewed to determine if they have met the announced requirements. If not, a letter is sent notifying the applicant that the information submitted did not satisfy the announced requirements.

Names of candidates who pass a Office of Human Resources examination are placed on the eligible list for that job. Names are arranged in score order, highest score first. When your name is reached for certification, the hiring agency (where the job is) may contact you directly to come for a hiring interview.

Eligible lists typically last for 90 days. They may be extended for an additional 90 days. Some lists may be abolished before the 90 days are over if the job classification or examination has changed or if it is determined it is in the City’s best interest to do so. In some high turnover positions, lists may be completely exhausted before the list life ends.

If you refuse an interview because of a geographic preference and the position exists at other locations in the City, your name will remain on the list. If you refuse an interview at the only location that a particular job classification exists, your name will be removed. For example, if you refuse a position in a class that exists only at Denver International Airport, your name will be removed because there is no other place where that kind of job exists within the City.

Unless another pre-scheduled date and time is available for the job, all tests must be taken when scheduled. Deferred tests are permissible only for candidates who miss a scheduled test for the following reasons:

  1. The applicant or employee was ordered into military service
  2. The applicant or employee has jury duty
  3. The applicant or employee has been subpoenaed to appear in court
  4. The employee has been ordered to perform City business
  5. The employee has a work-related injury 
  6. Good cause has been shown and approved by the personnel director

If any of these situations apply to you, call 720-913-JOBS (5627) select option 4 and ask for the analyst in charge of the recruitment for that job.

An appointment of an employee to a position in a classification in which the entry rate of the pay grade of the new classification is lower than the entry rate of the classification previously held.

An appointment of a former employee to a position in the classification in which the employee was previously employed within the preceding five (5) years, or to a successor classification; or to any classification for which the employee is qualified, with the same entry rate or a lower entry rate as the former classification, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Former employees whose separation was the result of a dismissal are not eligible for re-employment.
  2. An appointment that meets the definition of a re-instatement in Rule 5 APPOINTMENTS AND STATUS is not a re-employment appointment.
  3. In order to determine eligibility for re-employment into a successor classification, the Office of Human Resources Executive Director ("Executive Director") may, on a case-by-case basis, review the duties previously performed as well as classification and pay.

A promotion of an employee to a position in a higher classification in which the employee was previously employed within the preceding five (5) years, or to a successor classification; or to any classification for which the employee is qualified, with the same entry rate or an intervening entry rate as the former classification. Appointments that meet the definition of a promotional reinstatement in Rule 5 APPOINTMENTS AND STATUS are not re-promotions.

An appointment of an employee from a position in one classification to a different position in a classification with the same entry rate:
  • In a different department or agency
  • In a different classification in the same department or agency

Selection/Recruitment Process

The Office of Human Resources Talent Acquistion Division is responsible for providing qualified candidates to City agencies for hiring consideration. This involves recruiting applicants, developing examinations, administering and scoring examinations, and referring eligible candidates to City agencies/departments.

Applicant Review Process
Once the job posting is closed, all applications are reviewed to the position's required and/or preferred qualifications.  Applicants who do not qualify are notified by email, some applicants may receive a hard-copy notice via U.S. mail as well, depending on the applicants' stated preference.  Applicants who do qualify may proceed to the next phase of the assessment process which may include:  a written, computer or performance-based examination; an assessment interview, a critical incident evaluation and/or other types of examinations.  Once the initial assessment process is complete, candidates are notified of results by either email or U.S. mail.  Applicants who pass the assessment(s) may then be placed on a list for referral to one or more agencies for consideration.

Candidate Referral to a Denver Agency/Department

Candidates who have been "referred" to an agency are eligible for hire into a Career Service position.  This means that the candidates have demonstrated the minimum qualifications for the position and have completed an associated assessment (testing) process.  Eligible candidates may be ranked based on the results of these assessments which may determine the order in which the hiring agency receives the applications/resumes.  Agencies are required to interview three candidates (assuming there are three or more qualified individuals) prior to making a final hiring decision.  This means that although candidates may be referred, it does not guarantee an interview or job offer.  When a final hiring decision is made and agencies do not expect to continue filling positions from the list of referred candidates, the Office of Human Resources and/or the agency will notify candidates that they are no longer in consideration for the position.  The time of final notification to candidates can vary greatly due to factors such as the number of positions being filled, interview schedules, etc.  Candidates are encouraged to monitor the status of their application(s) by logging into their Government Jobs account: or
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