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Complete Your GED Test Without Any Fees

Do you or someone you know need to finish their GED? 

Nationwide, the GED test is changing in 2014. It will be offered in a computer-based format only, and is being updated to reflect newer academic standards.  This means that if you have passed some sections, but not yet all, you need to finish your GED soon! You won’t be able to combine scores from 2013 and 2014. 

Denver is making it as easy as possible for you to get this important credential. At your nearest Denver Workforce Center, you can get a free tutor, build confidence with a practice test, and—just in time for the holidays--get our help with the $150 test fee! 

We’re also happy to announce that Denver will have “amnesty days” — when the $150 test fee will be waived. These amnesty days will take place at Denver Human Services East, 3815 Steele St. 

These special days are: 

Friday, December 6, 8am - 1pm 
Friday, December 13, 8am - 1pm 
Saturday, December 28, 8am - 3pm 

To participate, visit your local Workforce Center for test readiness, then register. 

Time is running out, as current GED test scores will expire on December 31. 

Let the Office of Economical Development’s Denver Workforce team help you finish the GED now and you can start the new year with only your success ahead of you! 

Call: GED HOTLINE 720.865.5541 
Come in! Denver Workforce Centers at Speer, Westside, or Montbello