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Be a Part of the City That You Love - Spring Campaign Launches

The City and County of Denver (CCD) employs over 11,000 people in a vast array of jobs across the city. Approximately 65,000 people will apply for jobs this year and an estimated 125,000 job applications will be submitted and processed by CCD. Among the major challenges facing the city today is attracting and retaining the best talent in the region. CCD’s goal is to be acknowledged as a “Best Place to Work” and be recognized as one of the top employers in the region.

CCD’s Office of Human Resources recently launched a talent acquisition and employment branding campaign to help position CCD as a top employer in the region. This new brand captures the best of Denver and promotes it in many ways that benefit our residents and helps us build employee engagement and retention as well as a stronger talent pipeline in a highly competitive job market. It will tell CCD’s story by featuring employees – some of CCD’s many brand champions - throughout the campaign.

The new talent acquisition and employment brand comes to life via the Be a part of the city that you love campaign. The campaign is designed to be flexible and creative to resonate with various audience segments in a variety of job roles. Future iterations of the talent acquisition and employment brand will include additional CCD employees, departments/agencies and jobs. 

Learn more about the campaign, watch the launch videos, and view the CCD jobs page and social media channels.