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Internship Program Overview

The City and County of Denver offers internships to help build skills, identify potential future hires, and increase diversity and inclusion efforts.

Who can apply for internships?

To be eligible for an internship the individual must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate college/university. Other requirements will vary depending on the position.

What type of positions are available?

Interns generally fill positions to expand work experience while accommodating academic schedules. The positions available will vary depending on agency needs.

How do I apply?

Internship positions are posted on the City and County of Denver Jobs page. Go to to see the current job opportunities

Have questions?

If you have questions about internships please email



Schools & Organizations

City and County of Denver is interested in learning more about your organization for possible partnerships for recruiting trainees and interns. We are unable to guarantee any placements, as our openings can come and go quickly. We strive to offer our community opportunities and see the Trainee, Internship and Apprenticeship program as a way to reach out to those individuals determined to work in a public service capacity and contribute to this world class city. However, we do not have enough positions to cater to all schools and organizations.

If you are interested in partnering with the City and County of Denver, please email As we see potential for partnership, we will contact you directly.

Stay Informed

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