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The Manager and Deputy Managers lead Denver Human Services toward carrying out its vision by providing guidance for and oversight of service delivery; policy development and compliance; strategic planning; coordination with the Mayor’s Office, the City Council, the City Attorney’s Office, and the Mayor’s Office of Education and Children; other city agencies, offices, and departments; as well as coordination with the other counties, state and federal legislators, and the State Departments of Human Services and Health Care Policy and Financing.

  • Don Mares,  Executive Director 
  • Andrea Albo,  Deputy Director- Assistance Division
  • Jeff Holliday,  Deputy Director- Protection & Prevention Division
  • Mitch McKee,  Deputy Director- Support Services

Advisory Board

The Denver Human Services Advisory Board advises the Department Director and provides consultation about issues that are core to our vision and values.

The Board meets quarterly and the public is invited to attend. Board  meeting dates/times are posted below.

Advisory Board Members

  • Ismael Guerrero – Board Chair
  • Mark S. Trast
  • Christine Benero
  • Rev. Marjorie Lewis
  • Amy Latham
  • Shawn Johnson
  • Don Mares




Next Meeting: November 6, 2015

Time:  8:30AM-9:30AM

Location: 2524 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80211



I.     Public Comment                                      8:30 A.M. – 8:35 A.M.

II.    Approve Minutes from May 2015           8:35 A.M. – 08:40 A.M.

III.    DHS Vision                                              8:40 A.M. – 8:50 A.M.

IV.    2016 DHS Budget                                   8:50 A.M. – 9:05 A.M.

V.    Child Safety Net Impact Team Update  9:05 A.M. – 9:15A.M.

VI.   Community Outreach Efforts at DHS   9:15A.M. –   9:25 A.M.

VII.  Other Board Business                           9:25A.M. –  9:30 A.M.


Legislative Liaison

The work of the is important in developing and implementing public policy for the Department and educating the community about the impact of such policy.

The Liaison provides support of the Denver Human Services by: 
  • Monitoring and working on state and federal legislation that impacts our clients and staff;
  • Closely tracking state and federal budgets and fiscal policy as they apply to DHS;
  • Working with the rule-making bodies of state agencies, such as the Colorado Dept. of Human Services, the Colorado Dept. of Health Care Policy & Financing, and the Colorado Dept. of Revenue, to implement new state policies and legislation;
  • Representing DHS in community groups that advocate on public policy issues relevant to the Department and important to clients and staff;
  • Working with elected officials to provide information about DHS and to help resolve the concerns their constituents may have with DDHS.

Welfare Reform Board

Learn more about the Welfare Reform Board by visiting the link below:

Useful Phone Numbers

Child Abuse Hotline
Statewide: 1-844-CO-4-Kids (264-5437)
or in Denver: 720-944-3000
Adult Protection Hotline
DHS Customer Service


Colorado Relay/TDD

Child Support Services

Foster Care

GIVE Denver
720-944-GIVE (4483)

Denver City & County Information