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Denver Parent Advocates Lending Support (DPALS)

Navigating the child welfare system can be daunting. The DPALS program helps by matching families who are new to the process with parent partners who have “been there.”


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What You Need To Know

Through DPALS, parent partners encourage, support, and advocate for other parents as they move toward reunification or appropriate permanency goals for their families.

Denver Parent Advocates Lending Support (DPALS) connects families with parent partners to help them navigate the child welfare system. Through peer-to-peer support, participating families receive encouragement, navigation assistance, and referrals to other services and resources. Parent partners play a neutral but positive role in helping families to successfully move through the process and create safe, stable, and nurturing homes for their children.

Parent partners are not Denver Human Services employees. They’re volunteers with personal experience with the child welfare system. They’ve “been there”—and have  done the hard work to change their lives and strengthen their families. Drawing on their own experiences, they support, encourage, and advocate for parents who are working to make changes to meet their children’s needs.

Through DPALS, families are matched with supportive peers, who assist them in several ways, including:

  • Helping them navigate through the child welfare system
  • Promoting birth parents’ involvement in case planning activities through face-to-face visits, letters, emails, and/or phone calls
  • Maintaining connections between parents and children by advocating for their rights
  • Assisting in the goal of reunification and/or the planning for appropriate alternatives
  • Joining families at court hearings, treatment, recovery, Value of Individual and Community Engagement Services (VOICES) meetings, or other gatherings
  • Facilitating trainings, including Bringing the Protective Factors Framework to Life in Your Work and the Wellness Recovery Action Plan.
  • Connecting families with resources through Denver Human Services and other community agencies
  • Supporting parents after visitations or providing general information at the CARE Center

DPALS supports families who have an open case with the Denver Human Services Child Welfare Division. If you would like to request a parent partner, call 720-944-6330 or email

DPALS is always looking for parents who can offer peer-to-peer support to families who are new to the child welfare system. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering as a parent partner, please call 720-944-6330 or email


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To learn more about becoming a parent partner, or if you have an open case with DHS Child Welfare and would like to request a parent partner, call 720-944-6330 or email us at

Please note that parent partners are not employees of Denver Human Services.



Main Office, Richard T. Castro Human Services Center
1200 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80204


Customer Service

720-944-4DHS (4347)

If you need Colorado Relay/TTY services in Denver, please call 711. If you need Spanish-language relay services, please call 800-337-3242.


City Assistance

Call 3-1-1

Outside Denver: 720-913-1311
Emergencies: 911
TTY Service: 720-913-8479





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