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Many people feel compelled to help when they see someone who is homeless or panhandling on the streets. Often times, people give a dollar and wonder where that money might go. Most hope that it helps someone who is experiencing homelessness. Many think it’s the only way to help, but there are programs in place to help you Give a Better Way and know exactly how your donation is helping the homeless. 

Shelters and Services Guide

The City and County of Denver works with a wide variety of service providers throughout the community who assist people who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless to provide needed resources. Download the Denver Shelters and Services Resource Guide to share with your network. 


Change for Change. 

You may think that your donation is just a drop in the bucket, but even your small donations can make a big difference for those experiencing homelessness. The collective funds we raise as a community helps finance programs operated by our nonprofit partners who provide direct services to those in need including shelter, job training, meals and permanent housing options that help get people back on their feet, all while encouraging and empowering them to work toward self-sufficiency. 

The Power of Community Collaboration. 

You’ve heard the old adage “there’s strength in numbers” and nothing could be truer for people who are currently experiencing homelessness. The funds the community raises together can go far in helping someone in need. When you make a donation, you are contributing directly to organizations that make positive change in people’s lives and, with the help of the community, these programs have provided job placement and training opportunities for more than 11,000 people. 

Give a Better Way: Guide to Giving

Community-based organizations across Denver rely on donations to feed, clothe, shelter and support thousands of people who are experiencing homelessness in Denver. Download the Give A Better Way Guide to Giving to learn more about how to volunteer your time or how to donate to various organizations. You can also find volunteer opportunities through the Mile High United Way volunteer events page

Text to Give

Text HOMELESSHELP - that’s all one word, no spaces  - to 41444 and quickly and easily make a one-time or reoccurring donation now.

Be Social

Raise awareness to help those experiencing homelessness by posting on your social media sites.

Give Change or Make a Credit Card Meter Donation

Drop your spare change in one of the dozens the blue and green donation meters around the city and your change will truly make change. 

Post It

Post materials about how to Give a Better Way in your workplace or business. 

Be A Meter Leader

Get your friends, family, coworkers, a favorite organization or your employer to sponsor a meter for a year! 

Encourage Your Network to Make Direct Donations

Check out our donation listings for ways you can give directly to those in need.