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Kinship Payment Strategic Initiative Program


The City and County of Denver through Denver Human Services (DHS) is seeking applications from qualified organizations to provide services to non-child welfare kinship families residing in the City and County of Denver who are receiving Basic Cash Assistance (BCA). A number of grandparents and other relatives care for children whose own parents are unable to care for them. Sometimes, the arrangement (referred to as “kinship care”) is an informal, private arrangement between the parents and relative or other caregivers. In some cases, guardianship is given to relative caregivers and child welfare is not involved; in other situations, the local child welfare agency is involved. This RFA pertains to only non-child welfare kinship arrangements. DHS currently has approximately 300 non-child welfare kinship cases.

The goal of this RFA is to identify qualified organizations staffed with individuals familiar with the needs of kinship families. Organizations will be responsible for outreach to the kinship families and then execute the work of conducting a thorough assessment of family’s short-term needs that may not be fully addressed by the monthly TANF/Colorado Works cash BCA payment. The goal is to extend both monetary and non-monetary services and supports, including targeted referrals as needed to address child and family stability, child care and school readiness/achievement, mental and other health needs not covered by other sources, legal clinics, and other factors affecting the overall.


Download the RFA packet (including attachements) here: Kinship Payment Strategic Initiative Program RFA_FAAD 2017_KPSIP