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The Accounting Unit within Denver Human Services is responsible for processing various non-contract payments as well as issuing payments to approved vendors who have provided goods and/or services for Denver Human Services. 

Contract AP or AP? If you have received a fully executed contract notification, and have been working with the contracting unit, visit Contract Accounts Payable (AP). (link to Contract AP page)


Accounts Payable:

Processes invoice and payment requests for approved vendors after work has been performed for Denver Human Services.


If you are an approved vendor and have an inquiry regarding payment, please send an email that includes your PO number to:

If you have assistance program eligibility questions, please contact FAAD.


Accounts Receivable:

About: Applies payments received against benefit claim(s)

Inbox: If you have a question about how your payment was applied to a claim, please send an email that includes your case number to:


AP and AR FAQs:

  1. Are there any documents I need to submit to have a vendor ID number assigned?
  2. Can I make a payment to Health Care Policy & Financing at DHS?
    • No, please contact the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Finance line at 303-866-4411.
  3. Can I make a payment to Children’s Health Plan Plus at DHS?
    • No, please call the CHP+ customer services line at 1-800-359-1991.
  4. Can I make a child support payment at DHS?
    • Family Support Registry (FSR): Yes, mail checks to FSR or contact them at: 303-299-9123 or call toll free at 1-800-374-6558. (Will link FSR to payment page related to CSS – Maurice and I have talked to Tom Battney about linking this to a specific payment page)
    • Or, you can drop off a cash payment at the Cashier’s Office at DHS.