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The Trails unit processes subsidies for foster care providers and adoptive parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why hasn’t my payment posted to my account?
    It may take up to 72 business hours for a payment to post to your account after the payroll runs.

  2. If I am moving, who should I contact?
    Adoptive parents and foster care providers are encouraged to contact their case worker with any changes to their address, billing information, or adjustments to the number of foster or adoptive children in their care.

    If you are unable to reach your case worker, you may contact the Trails unit using the email inbox listed below.

  3. Why can’t I send in my foster care roster before the last day of the month?
    The roster is a monthly certification for a specific child. Since this certification is for an entire month, the Trails unit cannot accept an early receipt, in case there are any adjustments before the end of the month.



Please contact us at for Foster care or adoptive subsidy inquiries.
Office Hours (All Locations)
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Customer Service
If you need Colorado Relay/TTY services in Denver, please call 711.
If you need Spanish-language relay services, please call 800-337-3242.



Denver 311 Help Center
Call 3-1-1
Outside Denver Call (720)913-1311
Emergencies: 911 
TTY Service: 720-913-8479