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Fact Sheet on DHS Non-Certified Kinship Provider Review Process

On Wednesday, December 17, 2014 the Colorado Department of Human Services released results from their file review of a sampling of non-certified kinship caregivers for counties across the state.

A non-certified kinship caregiver is a relative or person with a significant relationship to the family that has not met the same certification requirements as a foster parent or has chosen not to pursue the process. Non-certified kinship caregivers are required to pass background checks and home inspections.

Earlier this year, DHS identified inconsistencies and discrepancies in the fingerprinting process being utilized for non-certified kinship caregivers. The following are some of the items DHS has already implemented or will be implementing regarding the background check process:

  • Revised the Non-Certified Kinship Provider Fingerprinting Procedures.
  • Updated the form case workers use to secure fingerprint-based background checks, adding information that will help them complete the process.
    • These checks are required on uncertified relatives, including caregivers and all other adults aged 18 or older living in the caregivers’ homes.
  • Distributed updated procedures, forms and instructions to all staff.
  • Trained staff on the revised form and the expectations regarding fingerprinting procedures.
  • Supervisors followed up with workers to ensure understanding around the updates and compliance with the rules. Supervisors are also available for technical assistance.
  • Implemented a monitoring and cross checking process within the Child Welfare Division of DHS to ensure consistency with the process. Reports are generated to management regularly.
  • In 2015, DHS will institute a quarterly review of a random sampling of cases by the agency’s internal review team to ensure proper procedures are being followed.

DHS has also scheduled a meeting with the state to review the results of their file review and discuss the next steps in the process. DHS is committed to working with CDHS to implement any necessary changes to ensure full compliance with the process.

“DHS Management expects full compliance in every process because nothing is more important that the safety of children in our care,” said Deputy Director of Protection and Prevention Jeff Holliday. “We will be sharing the results of the review with the Child Welfare Division staff and emphasizing to them the importance of following every step of the process exactly every time. No exceptions.”

A copy of the CDHS file review fact sheet may be found here.