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DHS Statement on Results of CDHS Assessment Review

DENVER – March 26, 2015 – Caseworkers with the Denver Department of Human Services (DHS) completed and filed accurate accounts of all contacts made, according to a state review of DHS assessment practices released today. The Colorado Department of Human Services’ (CDHS) review of DHS’ assessment practices pulled a random sample of assessment contacts completed by DHS caseworkers between December 24, 2014, and February 24, 2015. The review established a 95 percent confidence level, meaning that if you reviewed the entire population of results, the findings would be consistent at least 95 percent of the time. 

The review found all contacts recorded by caseworkers occurred as indicated in the case file and “…there was no evidence of systemic concerns of falsification of contacts.” A copy of the CDHS review results is attached to this statement.

“This review affirms the work that more than 170 DHS caseworkers routinely conduct,” said DHS Executive Director Penny May. “DHS caseworkers, supervisors and leaders take very seriously the responsibility of protecting children from harm and neglect. While we are pleased to see the state review verify our internal processes, we remain committed to continuing to strengthen our work for the betterment of all children in our care and will work closely with the state to implement enhanced internal monitoring of contacts made by caseworkers.” 

CDHS plans to conduct a re-review of open assessments in six months, and DHS is committed to again demonstrating full compliance. 

May added, “There is no greater charge than the protection of Denver’s children, and we are committed to doing all we can to not only protect children who suffer abuse at the hands of their caretakers, but to also, when possible, help prevent this abuse from ever occurring through early intervention and in-home services for parents who are struggling.”

 CDHS Assessment Review.pdf


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