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More Than 100 Spaces Added to Emergency Shelter Ahead of Winter Storm

The City and County of Denver is partnering with Denver Rescue Mission to add more than 100 beds to men’s emergency shelter ahead of the first major cold weather event of the season at the city’s overflow shelter space at I-70 and Peoria.

The expansion by approximately 120 beds comes in anticipation of an increase in shelter access and is ongoing with no finite end date anticipated. The city and its partners operate a robust winter overflow program and during the past five years have been able to help anyone seeking shelter find a safe place to sleep.

The city and partners will also be increasing transportation support and search and rescue teams during winter weather events.

Protocols for accessing shelter will remain the same with the following inclusions:

  • An additional bus will deliver two consecutive transports of men from Salvation Army Crossroads (1901 29th St.) starting at 6:30 p.m. These transports are in addition to the transports staged and coordinated nightly from Denver Rescue Mission’s Lawrence Street Community Center starting at 7 p.m.
  • All morning return trips for men will arrive at the Lawrence Street Community Center. 
  • An additional hall has been opened at Peoria to accommodate additional men in need of shelter. Staffing by Denver Rescue Mission and bedding at the site have been increased to accommodate additional guests.

Denver operates a flexible sheltering system in coordination with community-based providers. The number of individuals sheltered is a dynamic number. Most nights, the city and its partners shelter at least 1,454 people with the ability to expand when needed. The current expansion will allow the City to serve at least another 100 people. Denver’s Road Home partners with community-based providers to ensure the network is able to expand and contract to meet demand and sustain no turn ways due to a lack of space. In the event that shelters ever do reach capacity, the city has a back-up emergency shelter plan to utilize our city-owned recreation centers for emergency shelter. The City will continue to monitor, coordinate and calibrate shelter space to meet demand. 

The full updated outline of shelter options for single men, single women, underage individuals, transgendered individuals and families are listed on the Denver’s Road Home website.