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2018 Child Abuse Prevention Month Mini-Grants

NEW! Submission deadline extended to 2/28/18. Download the application below, then submit. 

Denver Human Services (DHS) encourages community organizations to join us in Child Abuse Prevention Month (CAPM) by hosting activities and events in April. In 2018, our focus is on strengthening families through the promotion of the nationally recognized Five Protective Factors:

Research has shown that when these Protective Factors are well-established in a family, the likelihood of child abuse and neglect diminishes.

To expand our community engagement and educational reach, DHS is offering mini-grants up to $1,500* to community organizations who will support Child Abuse Prevention Month by hosting a community event in April 2018. Events should focus on one or more of the Five Protective Factors and target Denver residents.

* Previous recipients of DHS Child Abuse Prevention Month mini-grants can apply for awards of up to $750.

Grant Application

To complete and submit your application, please download, fill out, and use the submit button in the form to submit your application.


Grant Requirements

The selected organizations will receive a one-time award up to $1,500 or a returning organization will receive an award up to $750 to host an event during the month of April 2018 for Child Abuse Prevention Month (CAPM). Funds may be used at the discretion of the organization, but must be allocated to meet the requirements of the grant and align with DHS Prevention Services program goals and mission as described in the introduction.

Any community organization that has the capacity to raise awareness and/or advance the prevention of child abuse and neglect in Denver County communities, while focusing on one or more of the identified Five Protective Factors should consider applying.

The mini-grant committee is seeking applicants that can conduct outreach, measure outreach efforts, and plan on future sustainability. To assist you in the writing of this grant proposal, the rubric scoring model is available for your review.  

The organization must be in good standing and willing to comply with DHS grant obligations. The selected organization must serve one or more communities within the City and County of Denver. The organization must submit a completed W-9 form and provide receipts of purchased items, for reimbursed funds for event(s) held within the month of April 2018. The event must be based on prevention of child abuse and neglect, focusing on one or more of the identified Five Protective Factors.

  1. The organization must submit the completed application electronically.
  2. A completed application includes:
    • A written narrative of no more than 3,000 characters (approximately 500 words)
    • A completed budget template
    • A completed W-9 form
    • An event scheduled in April
  3. A representative of the organization must attend a required CAPM Mini-Grant Orientation at the DHS East Office, 3815 Steele Street, Denver, CO.

Please note that collaborations with other community partners do not entitle one organization to receive more than one award.

Select a community activity that your organization can measure outreach efforts and plan on future sustainability. Events should focus on one or more of the Five Protective Factors:

  1. Parental Resilience: Resilience is managing stress and dealing with your life even when things get difficult. 
  2. Social Connections: Having a network of friends and family helps us feel secure, confident and empowered.
  3. Knowledge of Parenting/Child Development: There is no perfect parent, but knowing what to expect does make the job easier. 
  4. Social/Emotional Competence of Children: Help children develop skills so they can manage their emotions and build healthy relationships with their peers and adults.
  5. Concrete Supports in Time of Need: Some problems are too big to solve alone. Knowing where to get help in the community can make life easier. 

Examples of activities your organization could host featuring one or more of the Five Protective Factors:

  • Teach parents concrete strategies for relaxation. Let them know they can do this any time they feel uncomfortable or stressed. (Parental Resilience)
  • Provide classes and workshops on parenting, fatherhood, health, or other topics of interest. (Social Connections)
  • Start a lending library of educational materials about parenting and child development (Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development)
  • Provide an art program that allows children to express themselves in ways other than words. (Social and Emotional Competence of Children)
  • Provide for immediate needs through a winter coat drive, connection to a food pantry, or help families access crisis services. (Concrete Support for Families)

Measuring outreach efforts of an event:

Accurate measurements, which could include a count or estimate of the number of participants at your event, are required for reimbursement. Some examples of how measurements can be gathered:

  • A sign-in sheet of attendees, including their name, age, gender, and zip code of residence.
  • Survey/questions regarding the topic of discussion and its messaging prior to event and afterward.
  • Collected feedback forms.

Identifying sustainability goals:

In the application narrative, you will identify two goals that will promote the awareness of your community activites beyond April 2018. Examples of sustainability goals:

  • Beginning May 2018, our organization will have a follow-up conversation with members that attended our event.
  • Our organization will commit to promoting awareness of child abuse by educating our church.
  • Parents that attended the event will have a support group that will continue to meet on Thursdays. 


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Key Dates

February 28 - Deadline Extended! 
Application and all supporting materials due.

March 8
Organizations notified of selections.

March 19
Date, time and location of your event must be submitted on or before this date and may not change unless due to extreme circumstances.

March 19, 1:30-4 p.m.
Required orientation meeting, DHS East Office, 3815 Steele Street, Denver.

May 18
CAPM Mini-Grant Outcome Report, including all receipts and invoices, due in order to receive reimbursement.

Report Child Abuse by calling 1-800-CO-4-KIDS

Colorado Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline 

To report suspected child abuse and neglect, call

Available 24 hours a day, every day. Don't hesitate to call and get help.

Anyone witnessing a child in a life-threatening situation should call 911 immediately.

Additional parenting resources:


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