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Help Kids Soar

Help Kids Soar is a public awareness campaign to build healthy and strong families, children and communities. The campaign is designed not only to build awareness, but also to encourage participation in a number of activities that will help strengthen our community.

You can Help Kids Soar by: 

Become familiar with the five protective factors and share this information with other adults to keep children safe from abuse and neglect.

1) Be a Bounce Back Family
Challenging times impact every family. Recognizing stressful situations and keeping a sense of hope helps us take constructive action to turn things around. 

2) Make Parent Growth a Priority
Taking time to learn what is age appropriate and how to set realistic expectations gives us tools to cope positively with various situations. 

3) Learn More About Child Growth
Helping children develop emotionally helps them identify their feelings, clearly communicate and problem solve, and prepares them for positive social interaction. 

4) Surround Yourself with a Network of Friends & Family
Having a strong support system of neighbors and community members helps us get needed breaks, cope with difficult times and prevents us from becoming isolated. 

5) Call a Pro
Getting to know a day care professional, caseworker, teacher or doctor gives us an expert to turn to in times of need. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our April 2015 Free Love & Logic classes. 

We do not have any current Love & Logic classes schedule, but please feel free to consult these additional parenting resources:

Nonprofits, businesses, government agencies and dozens of organizations throughout Colorado are partnering to raise awareness to Help Kids Thrive in observation of Child Abuse Prevention Month this April. You can get involved by wearing blue every Thursday during the month of April, planting a pinwheel garden, sharing these resources or attending an event. 

Download and print this information and share with parents and caretakers.

Learn more about child abuse prevention and get ideas on how you can make a difference in a child or family's life by calling 1-800-Children (244-5373)