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Multiple States Have Questions About Marijuana...
and We Have Answers & Solutions!

The Denver Marijuana Management Symposium is a two-and-a-half day conference for law enforcement agencies, licensing and zoning officials, fire department and building code compliance officials, social service and welfare agencies and departments, policy officials, regulators, environmental and public health officials, and governmental attorneys.

It is the first of its kind and still the only one that focuses solely on the public sector and how we can all responsibly tackle the challenges that come with implementing and regulating the newly legalized and commercialized cannabis industry.

At the event, attendees had a unique opportunity to:

  • Get an update on impacts of marijuana legalization on public health, the environment, and public safety
  • Gain best practices from regulators in other jurisdictions, states, and countries Hear lessons learned from implementation phases and enforcement practices across various states
  • Adapt to evolving marijuana regulations and find solutions to hurdles
  • Connect and network with colleagues from different jurisdictions, other states and countries


P: 720.865.2741 or 720.865.2686

Learn more about marijuana licensing by visiting the Business Licensing website.


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