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Odor Control Plan Information & Guidance

Denver has updated regulations governing nuisance odors that require certain industries, including marijuana cultivation and infused-product manufacturing business, to develop an odor control plan (OCP).

Odor Ordinance Fact Sheet

Please take advantage of Denver Environmental Health's OCP guidance for regulated facilities owners and operators:

  • One-on-One OCP Development Assistance –DEH will meet with businesses to review the odor control plans and provide edits. Multiple days and times are available through Feb. 7.
  • OCP in-person Workshop or online Webinar –Dec. 9, 1-3 p.m. The workshop/webinar will include an overview of the revised ordinance, how to submit a plan and how they will be reviewed, cultivation and MIPs requirements, how the ordinance will affect licenses, and construction permit requirements.

More information is available on the city's odor webpage.

Permitting Guidance for Businesses
The city has developed suggested guidelines for Denver marijuana businesses that need to either install new odor control technology or modify existing technology to come into compliance with new regulations.

  • If your marijuana business is either changing the square footage, layout, or principal uses of any portion of your facility, or if you are performing work that would require a change to your video surveillance system, you must:
    • File a Modification of Premises application with Denver Excise & Licenses and successfully complete it. Note: A corresponding modification application must be filed with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.
    • Receive zoning approval and any necessary permits.
    • Obtain building permits and pass appropriate inspections.
  • If you are modifying the exterior of your building in any way (including modifying components found on your roof or adding components to your roof such as roof top air handling equipment), you must:
    • Receive zoning approval and any necessary permits.
    • Obtain building permits and pass appropriate inspections.
  • If you are adding or modifying any components of your building, mechanical, plumbing, or electrical systems, without changing the floor area devoted to building service equipment, you must:
    • Obtain building permits and pass appropriate inspections.

Guidelines are subject to change and individual businesses must ensure that their facility does not violate any applicable restrictions in the Denver Revised Municipal Code, Denver Building and Fire Code and Denver Zoning Code. Applicants should conduct their own research and investigation, and engage the services of professionals as needed.