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Print Design

City Letterset


This letterhead has also been set up as a Microsoft® Word template.  

When typing a letter, align the left side of the text with the left side of the DENVER and tagline typography and begin typing 1.75” from the top of the page. Leave a 1.25” margin at the bottom of the page to accommodate contact information. The Denver logo, agency contact information as well as the CONNECT WITH US logo, are all placed into the document header/footer.

The “Connect With Us” tagline highlights the four main connect points that Denver residents have with their city government. It is shown in various applications and as applicable should be used in city letterset. The logo was custom-created by the Denver Marketing Office and should never be recreated or re-typeset.


Photo of example letterhead



Return address should be justified left from the Denver logo.

Image of branded envevlope

Email Signature Template

image of branded email signature template

View the Email Signature Template How to Guide Here

Business Cards

Business cards are strictly reserved for city agency and departments under the Mayor and are not for use for city boards, commissions or vendors under contracted to provide services for the City and County of Denver. To provide a variety of options, all reflective of the our vibrant city palette, there are four full color options as well as one no-bleed option.  

Image of branded business cards in brand colors