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About Denver 8 TV

Denver 8 TV and Channel 58

Denver 8 TV, part of Denver Marketing and Media Services, is an award winning municipal television station, which provides an array of informative, exciting and award-winning programs focused on public affairs, current events and arts and entertainment. We also provide live government meetings, mayoral priorities and community features.

Channels 58 purposes is to inform and education residents and visitors in our city about the many services, resources, programs and opportunities made available by the City and County of Denver, including live traffic cameras. In addition, we also partner with Auraria Higher Education Center who provides news, information, entertainment, and sports related content to the City and County of Denver.

The duo of these channels allows us to provide content and information to Denver residents in a timely and unique way and across their respective digital platforms.

Denver 8 TV is on cable television Comcast channel 8 (880HD) and CenturyLInk 8006. Channel 58 is available on cable television Comcast 58 and CenturyLink 8058. 

Impress your friends, family and neighbors with your knowledge and understanding of Denver by watching Denver 8 TV (available live and on-line) and channel 58.


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Location & Hours
1437 Bannock St. Room 002
Denver, CO 80202
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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