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You may think that marketing is nothing more than a logo, a catchy line, and a wink and a nod but Denver Marketing and Media Services takes it one step further. We are your one stop shop for copy writing, logo creation, social media accounts, and a host of other marketing strategies. Below are just some of the services we offer to get your ideas off the ground and out into the great big world. Let's get started!

Increasing the city's marketing presence with:

  • Custom campaign strategies
  • Designing new marketing collateral
  • Templated market collateral
  • Creating market copy


Providing mulitmedia content including:

  • Media Production Services
  • Fully scheduled TV and Internet Programming
  • Overseeing regulations of franchise and permits
  • Providing oversight of Public Access cable television

Ensuring brand consistency across all city marketing channels through:

  • Defined and enforced brand standards
  • Creating brand-aligned logos
  • Design programmatic graphics


Providing web-related services to city agencies including:

  • Website designs
  • Web graphics
  • Specialized web training
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online forms
  • Web design standards

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