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Here you will find a wide array of resources including templates, online tools, and even a photo gallery preview of stock images that can used in various marketing efforts or on your website. These resources are meant to not only help you create your own simple marketing collateral, but also inspire you on upcoming projects.

Stock Photo Gallery Examples

Here you will find some examples of the types of stock photos available for web use that we can provide to your agency. If you would like to request stock photography, images, or vectors please contact us with a list of needs and we will do our best to accommodate them with our existing stock photos or by tracking down new ones.

Additional Resources

Below are some examples of our official City and County of Denver Brand logos for various uses. If you would like to request a template of any of the following, please contact our brand manager:


Full Color



Full Color Reversed









Need a template for your social media account? We have a few standards templates to help you out. If you'd like to see a cheat sheet of all top social site graphics, visit


We have a number of guidelines and standards to help city agencies, offices, and outside vendors.

Below are some online design and marketing tools to help you ensure your content is up to snuff!