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Welcome to the City and County of Denver Brand Center. The Denver D logo is available for use by city employees of the City and County of Denver for city department/agency purposes only. The Denver D Logo may not be distributed to external entities without a formal licensing agreement. For an outside entity to be considered for a licensing agreement, authorizing them to use the Denver D logo, the city must be playing an active role in event or partnership or have a paid, documented sponsorship agreement. 

The City and County of Denver does grant permission to use the Denver D logo to the city’s exclusive partners such as, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Downtown Denver Partnership. All partnering agencies must follow the usage guidelines as described in the graphic standards mentioned below. Distribution of the logo to outside entities by partnering agencies is not permitted.

The Denver D logo may be distributed to entities with which the City and County of Denver has executed a contract that includes, at a minimum, the following terms and conditions: required usage guidelines to include duration of use; purpose of use; and the corresponding collateral in which the Denver D logo will be placed. Licensing agreements may be obtained through the Denver Marketing Office and are subject to Executive Order No. 8.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Denver Marketing Office.

Denver Logo Examples
The City of Denver logo consists of three main elements: The primary D icon, the DENVER logotype and tagline.

Each of these elements has been custom- created and should never be recreated or 
re-typeset. To maintain consistency and create a strong visual identity, the Denver logo should only be used from existing digital files.


Denver Logo Examples of space allowed
The Denver logo should always have an area of open space or “clear zone” around it. No other graphic elements should fall within this area around the logo.




A reverse version of the Denver logo has been developed to be used on black or other dark colors. A white border is used to separate the symbol from the background. The logotype and tagline are white instead of black to increase legibility.

When only one color is available, the one-color reverse artwork should be used.

For Design Applications
(Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, etc.)
Please contact the Denver Marketing Office to access design-ready files if you have need for the following:
  • To be used in professional design applications
  • High-resolution and vector files intended for commercial printing

For an outside entity to be considered for a licensing agreement authorizing them to use the Denver D logo, the city must be playing an active role in event or partnership or have a paid, documented sponsorship agreement. When the city does enter into a relationship as a sponsor, the sponsorship package must include phrasing that defines the acknowledgement of city support through the use of its logo to be eligible. For a copy of the city’s sponsorship agreement please contact the Denver Marketing Office.

The city does not provide use of the logo for events or initiatives for which the city has supplied grant-funded support unless the event or initiative has a corresponding documented sponsorship component or agreement. If the city has provided a grant to an outside entity, that entity may recognize city support through written or spoken word unless the grant or contract providing grant funds provides otherwise.



Denver Marketing Office 
For questions or concerns regarding services, social media accounts and a variety of marketing related guidelines, please contact:



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