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All vehicles are required by Colorado State law to have both a front and back plate. Also visit our Buying or Selling a Vehicle page for more on operation of an unregistered vehicle or driving without plates.

Regular plates and fees

These plate types are not considered specialty plates and are issued at the DMV during the time of your registration. Click a plate type below to find corresponding fees.

Specialty plates and fees

  Notice about specialty plates: County Motor Vehicle offices will no longer issue specialty plates as of April 21, 2014. These plate types will be part of the State of Colorado's "Print on Demand" program. Please come into the Denver County DMV (Denver residents only) to choose your plates at the time of registration. Your plates will be mailed directly to your address within three weeks. 

Click a plate type below to find corresponding fees.




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Cash, Personal Checks, Major Credit Cards
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Looking for Driver's License Info?*

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*Denver DMV Does NOT Administer Driver's Licenses


 Denver Motor Vehicle Division Eliminates Credit Card Fee for Vehicle Owners

Beginning on January 1, 2015, the city eliminated the 2.7 percent service charge on credit card payments for drivers renewing their vehicle registration with the city. Read more...

What to do about lost, stolen or damaged plates

Common questions about personalized plates

Denver Motor Vehicle will hold your personalized plates for twelve months from the time of payment. After that time, your plates will be returned to the State of Colorado Motor Vehicle Business Group to be destroyed. *Use our online service to schedule your plate pickup at one of our locations most convenient to you.


Yes. You will not be able to get a refund for your personalized plate fees, however. You will have to reapply with new fees if you want a different personalized plate configuration.


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