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When someone passes away, a rightful heir can claim the deceased owner's vehicle. The process for transferring ownership varies. Please see situations below for more information. Within 60 days upon the transfer of a motor vehicle, the new owner must either register the vehicle or present the certificate of title with an application for title to the Denver County DMV (Denver residents only). If you are not a Denver County resident, please visit the State of Colorado DMV website to locate your branch office.


  1. Death certificate.

  2. Court order. A copy of the court order such as the Letters of Testamentary appointing you: 

    a) personal representative; b) executor of estate; or c) original Small Estates Proceedings.

  3. Title signed by court appointed representative and / or surviving owners.

    a) When a single person is listed on the title, bring the title in the decedents name  (the "decedent" is the person who died), signed by the representative named on court papers or Small Estates Proceedings, in the  Seller's Signature area of the title (see how to properly endorse a title)

    b) When two owners names appear on the title and  Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship  does not appear on the title, the title must be signed by the representative named on court papers or Small Estates Proceedings,  and the other surviving owner in the  Seller's Signature area of the title.

    c) When two owners names are listed on the title and appear  with  Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship, the title must be signed by the surviving owner only in the Seller's Signature area of the title 

  4. New owner identification. Bring your owner identification  (secure and verifiable) or designated power of attorney completed and notarized  Form DR2175 and applicant's own identification  (secure and verifiable), to one of Denver's DMV branch offices (Denver residents only).

  5. Vehicle identification number (VIN) verification. A VIN verification is required if the seller has an out-of-state title or the vehicle is from outside Colorado. An approved entity must complete a VIN verification Form DR2698. Denver Motor Vehicle will perform VIN verifications for a nominal fee of $ 20.00 per vehicle. Learn more...


To register a vehicle that has just been transferred to you through inheritance, additional information such as proof of insurance, standard emissions test and other crucial documents are required. 


How to assign a title to a new owner



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