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VIN Verification

A VIN verification is required before registering a vehicle in the City and County of Denver when the vehicle:

  • has an out-of-state title,
  • was purchased outside of Colorado,
  • was transferred on a Purged Bill of Sale, or
  • requires a correction to the description on the title.

Denver Motor Vehicle performs VIN verifications and completes a Verification Vehicle Identification Number Form (DR 2698 from Colorado Department of Revenue), Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 3 PM at any of our branch offices for $20.00 per vehicle (weather permitting).

Certified VIN Verification

In some cases, a certified VIN inspection is required. View a list of Certified VIN inspection locations and note that most inspections are by appointment only. If you are not sure if your vehicle requires a certified VIN inspection, call us at (720) 865-4600.

If you are not a Denver County resident, visit the State of Colorado DMV website to locate your branch office.


 Denver Motor Vehicle Division Eliminates Credit Card Fee for Vehicle Owners

Beginning on January 1, 2015, the city eliminated the 2.7 percent service charge on credit card payments for drivers renewing their vehicle registration with the city. Read more...


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