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Please select your primary area of interest or inquiry for DEDO contacts.

Commons on Champa, Professional/Financial Services, Civic Engagement
Carrie Singer, 720-913-1521

John Hill, 720-913-1611

Global Business Development
Stephanie Garnica, 720-913-1692

Denver Enterprise Zone
Joanne Greek, 720-913-1513

Manufacturing, Logistics
Sarah Murphy, 720-913-1625

Financing Options, Business Plan Review      
Rick Snyder, 720-913-1631

Site Selection, Business Recruitment
Turid Nagel-Casebolt, 720-913-1623 

Chief Business Officer, DEDO
Deborah Cameron, 720-913-1621

Certifications, Compliance, Bidding Opportunities

Director, Division of Small Business Opportunity
Adrina Gibson, 720-913-1995


Director, Global Business Opportunities
Stephanie Garnica, 720-913-1692

Foreign Trade Zones
Vanessa Simsick, 720-913-1907


Director, Neighborhood Equity & Stabilization Team (NEST)
Irene Aguilar, 720-913-1662

Assistant Director, Neighborhoods
Sylvia Smith, 720-913-1602

Susan Liehe

Leesly Leon

CORA Policy

Custodian of Records: Jen Morris


Location & Hours
101 W Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80202
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Denver Economic Development & Opportunity

Phone: 720-913-1999

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