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Denver offers a lively commercial and sociocultural climate that consistently makes Denver a top destination not just for emerging post-college professionals but for young families and vibrant older adults.

Today’s version of the popular 19
th century expression could well be “Go West, Young Millennial!” As a top destination for young professionals aged 25-34, Denver's early-career residents are ambitious, active and optimistic . . . and highly entrepreneurial.

Yet the breadth of Denver’s demographic profile still proudly reflects the region’s rich cultural history over the decades as a trade and transportation nexus, a mining and agricultural hub, a central location for federal offices, and a major immigration route from the south.

Denver’s uniquely western blend of timeless, can-do optimism is proving to be fertile ground indeed in the 21
st century for the active, athletic lifestyle sectors that employ and serve an increasing number of customers spanning all ages.

More than 650,000 people live in Denver today. Consider that:

  • Denver grew by 8.2% over the ten-year period 2003-2013
  • Denver is projected to grow by 28% over the next 15 years
  • Our 2.7% metro job growth in 2014 nicely outpaced U.S. gains
  • Our metro region has 2.8 million people and is expected to reach 3.8 million by 2024
  • Colorado has led the nation over the last five years in relocations in from out of state
  • In the 12 months ending June 2014, Colorado’s population increase was twice the national average

Denver’s median age is 34 years--the national median is 37. As of 2014, the largest generational group living in Colorado are the Millennials (born between 1981-1997), and they’re on track to be the single largest component of our labor force within the decade. The Colorado State Demography Office reports that 1 in 5 residents in the state is 18-24 years old, and 1 in 4 is 25-34.

Overall, today nearly 60% of Denver adults are in the prime working age group (25-65 years old).

Denver people are active people. Colorado had the lowest prevalence of adult obesity in the country in 2014, with metropolitan Denver deemed the fourth most fit metro area nationwide. But our quality of life isn't limited to the youthful--Colorado consistently ranks high among the healthiest states for adults over age 65 (ranking sixth in 2014).

Denver is a city that embraces the richness of its culture, history and heritage. We’re proud that nearly half of our population is comprised of minority groups; Denver’s population is approximately 49% Caucasian, 34% Hispanic or Latino, 10% Black, 4% Asian, 1% Native American and at least 2% two or more races. 


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