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Denver’s labor pool is deep and wide; we’re second to none in concentrated talent. Our workforce strength is created when you start with a place with an exceptionally well-educated population, and then overlay the fact that this is a top-ranking place where people all over the country would choose to live. Our out-migration rates are low, too. People who get a taste of life in Denver don’t want to settle for anywhere else.

All factors in, we can promise that you will enjoy recruiting from our abundance of talent across a wide range of industry sectors.

Denver OED’s workforce development staff is eager to prepare a customized approach to help you identify the depth of talent here, outreach to a wide pool of candidates, and recruit and retain the best. 
In addition to highly targeted job fairs and hiring events, Denver offers an expansive training and wage subsidy program so that adding the talent you need will be easier and faster, and more affordable, than you imagine. For custom recruiting services, contact Tony Anderson,, 720-865-5572.

As of August 2018, the unemployment rate in Denver was 3.3%.

A large pool of talented, well-educated and highly skilled workers supports Denver’s IT industry, filling positions both for midsize companies and of course the seemingly endless demand by startup ventures. There were 2,630 IT firms in Denver in 4Q 2013, with the single largest category being software applications developers. Systems software, business operations, systems analysts, and user support specialists round out the total employment, which in Denver in 2013 was 17,090.

The sector employment in Denver alone is expected to jump 14% by 2017.

Additional summary data on Denver's IT industry employment is available here.

Manufacturing, particularly semi-skilled and skilled positions, is making a strong comeback in Denver. A total of 379 manufacturers here employ 7,809 in plastic product manufacturing, research and development, architectural and structural metals, and a variety of machining operations, to name the largest categories. The median wage is $74,786.

Additional summary data on Denver's manufacturing industry employment is available here.

Clear evidence of Denver's growing economy is found in healthcare, where our more than 42,000 current jobs are expected to make a nearly 11% jump to 46,600 jobs by 2017. Our healthcare workforce, which is 75% female and predominantly in the 25-44 age range, fills positions in ambulatory health services, hospitals, nursing and residential care, and social assistance. Statewide, the sector's job growth is predicted to grow a very healthy 19% over the next five years.

Additional summary data on Denver's healthcare industry employment is available here.


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