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Once a contract has been awarded, S/M/W/E/DBE goals are monitored by DSBO's compliance staff to determine whether the S/M/W/E/DBE participation dollar amounts, percentages and the committed goal level upon which the contract was awarded are maintained over the term of the contract.

Upon the award of a construction or professional service contract, or a procurement contract over $1 million, DSBO’s compliance staff will arrange a “pre-meeting” with the prime contractor awarded the project and the prime's S/M/W/E/DBE subcontractors. The pre-meeting takes place after the award of the contract and before the prime contractor has been issued the Notice to Proceed.

At the pre-meeting, the required forms are discussed with both the primes and S/M/W/E/DBEs (parties are given the website information to obtain the forms listed below, or forms are emailed if necessary).

Once all required forms have been completed, they are emailed back to the compliance officer assigned to the project. Forms may also be emailed to