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Doing Business with DIA

Similar to the contracts offered by the City and County of Denver, each contract from DIA contains a goal in which larger contractors (Primes) must utilize SBE/DBE firms for projects at DIA. Small businesses can go through the same SBE/DBE certification process offered by DSBO (listed above) to compete for DIA projects. 

To find out more information about current and upcoming projects available at DIA, please click the following link:  Do Business with DIA

Concessionaire Opportunities at DIA

With very few exceptions, all concessions at DIA are selected through a Request for Proposal process. Whenever the City has concession space to lease, Concessions Management issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) that describes the space(s) available, concepts desired, all city requirements for operating at the airport, as well as submittal documents. The RFPs fall under the following categories: Food/Beverage, Specialty Retail, Consumer Services and Entertainment/Amusement 

To find out more information about concessionaire opportunities at DIA, please click the following link:  Do Business with DIA

Additional Business Opportunities

Businesses are also encouraged to check out the following links below for additional contracting opportunities outside the City and County of Denver governmental process.