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Mayor's Housing Advisory Committee

Thanks to City Council approval of Denver’s first dedicated fund for affordable housing, we are now seeking candidates to serve on a 23-member Mayor’s Housing Advisory Committee (MHAC). The revamped MHAC would recommend development and preservation goals along the income spectrum, identify geographic priorities for the use of funds, and review annual performance and outlook reports. Recommendations from the MHAC would help inform affordable housing budget priorities annually and 3-5 year comprehensive housing plans for the city. The revamped MHAC will be staffed through the Office of Economic Development’s Division of Housing and will meet monthly in publicly announced, open meetings. The Office of Economic Development is committed to creating a diverse and representative committee of housing stakeholders to inform investment priorities.

A portion of the positions on the revamped MHAC will be ex-officio members serving by virtue of their office or role within public or quasi-governmental agencies. Of the remaining fourteen positions, eleven will be appointed by the Mayor and three will be appointed by City Council. All appointed members of the revamped MHAC will be confirmed by City Council. Appointed members of the MHAC will serve three year terms, though initial terms will be staggered.

Candidates for positions on the revamped MHAC will be considered based on:

  • Interest and ability to fulfill the leadership role
  • Ability to commit approximately 3-5 hours per month to attending meetings and reviewing materials
  • Ability to represent the perspective of the stakeholder group for which the position is listed if applicable
  • Background and expertise in homelessness, affordable housing, finance or real estate
  • Diversity of applicant pool, including but not limited to socioeconomic, racial, and geographic diversity

Please see the full list of available MHAC positions below.

Positions Appointed by Mayor (confirmed by Council)

  • Housing finance expert
  • Homeless provider
  • Community Housing Development Organization
  • Impacted community rep (e.g. resident of deed-restricted housing)
  • Major employer
  • Private-sector, market-rate real estate industry representative – single family
  • Private-sector, market-rate real estate industry representative – multi-family
  • Private-sector, market-rate real estate industry representative – commercial
  • For-profit affordable housing developer
  • Non-profit affordable housing developer
  • At-large community member

Positions Appointed by Council (confirmed by Council)

  • Member of Denver City Council
  • Affordable housing advocate
  • At-large community member

Interested applicants for the Mayoral appointed positions should complete the following application, return with their resume and a cover letter that briefly explains your experience with homelessness, affordable housing, finance or real estate in Denver. Also, please provide any other information about yourself that you feel is important for your contribution to the diversity and representation on the Mayor’s Housing Advisory Committee.  Applicants are asked to include their availability for the proposed kick-off retreat for the MHAC during the following options: November 10, 2016 from 1-5pm, November 17, 2016 from 1-5pm, November 21, 2016 from 1-5pm, and November 28, 2016 from 1-5pm. Please note that the proposed dates will be narrowed down to one meeting based on availability of the committee members. Please send this information to Anthony Aragon at  

Interested applicants for the Council appointed positions should complete the following application and return it with their resume and cover letter to Debra Bartleson at Applicants are asked to specify within the application which position they are interested in seeking.

The deadline for applications for all positions is Friday, October 14, 2016. For additional questions, please contact Laura Brudzynski in the Office of Economic Development at 720-913-1575 or via email at