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We know that building and running a business is more than a full-time job. Whether your firm is a start-up with just a few employees or a large corporate operation with thousands of professionals on your payroll, we can help with the critical business of finding, placing, training, and retaining your most valuable asset--your people.

Listing your job on ConnectingColorado is our fastest recruitment solution for businesses that wish to get their opportunities out to the public as soon as possible.  Click here to list your position now!

-- Your positions are posted statewide within 24 hours. 
-- You select your preferred method of contact from interested candidates (phone, fax, email, walk-in).
-- This option is perfect for entry-level, trade, and mid-level management positions or for companies with a large number of vacancies.

For custom assistance with posting a job, or with recruitment or other services, please use this electronic request form and/or contact Tony Anderson, Business Services Supervisor, at 720-865-5572 or

Screening and assessments
If you're looking for something more than a "come one, come all" recruitment solution, we pre-screen and assess candidates for qualifications, skills, and eligibility. This service is especially suited to businesses who want to take the time to find the right candidate for their middle-skills position and/or are facing hard-to-fill vacancies.

We offer Kenexa Prove It!, which is a sophisticated online testing tool that can save you critical business resources.

Did you know?

You may also refer a job candidate or existing employee to us to complete one or more assessment tools at no cost. The results are shared confidentially with you for determination of employment, promotion, or reassignment.

Why take advantage of these screening tools?

  • Save valuable time: Tests are easy to use and administer.
  • Full range of quality assessments: Hundreds of tests for clerical, software, industrial, healthcare, financial and technical job classifications.
  • Most advanced testing engine: Randomization of questions, test and group customization capabilities, and enhanced reporting capability.
  • Instant test results: Available via email and/or web platform upon completion of each test.
  • Measure candidate skills with certainty: Kenexa has a thorough validation process that adheres to EEOC guidelines.
  • Identify highly qualified candidates quickly and easily: Detailed test results and reports are easily interpreted.
  • Recognize training needs: Develop a training curriculum by utilizing detailed test results.
  • Gain the competitive advantage: Improve your screening process by leveraging cutting-edge technology to achieve superior results.

    Make the right hire, the right promotion! Contact Tony Anderson today at or 720-865-5572.

We serve existing and prospective employers in the Denver with fast, no-cost recruitment services that can save you tremendous time and money. With four Denver Workforce Centers in convenient locations, we have the ability to recruit large pools of applicants for every position through a variety of recruitment options, from company-specific recruiting events to large job fairs.

To hire top talent, ask us about:

Hiring Events
We can customize an event for a single employer to quickly bring results. Held at your offices, our offices, or a logical location for the talent pool. Individual events can also be designed for a small group of employers around a particular project, industry, or region.

Job Fairs
We frequently produce job fairs for multiple employers, some more general in nature and others strategically developed for targeted industries involving a specific applicant pool.

Virtual Job Fairs
Depending on the timing of your needs and the population your are seeking to recruit, consider a virtual environment where you can meet prospective employees. We use this approach often and can assist every step of the way.

How does an individual recruitment work?

  • We quickly assemble a recruitment team to conduct an extensive skills match within our database of job seekers.
  • We pre-screen interested candidates for qualifications and eligibility prior to being referred to you.
  • You select your preferred method of contact from interested candidates (phone, fax, email, walk-in).

Overall, you may not realize the depth and value of what your local Workforce Center can do to strengthen your posting, recruiting, screening, interviewing, assessing, training, and re-training support.

When it comes to hiring new employees, businesses have a unique opportunity to save money while providing career growth opportunities to individuals needing a boost. Qualified businesses can access wage subsidies in exchange for providing new employees with training and needed experience. No matter the size of your business, you may be eligible to access the Training Subsidy program. It is designed to reduce the burden of employee recruitment and additional costs on your payroll.

After you have reviewed the information below, please use this form to request a training subsidy.

The Training Subsidy program offers 50% reimbursement of wages to businesses that hire qualified individuals to train in new career opportunities. New employees gain valuable work experience, increase their skills and obtain long-term employment.

-- Pre-screened candidates that closely meet the requirements of your available position.

-- Reimbursement of 50 percent of a new hire’s wages for a period of up to six months. 

-- Participating businesses hold the final hiring decision on every pre-screened applicant.

-- We provide ongoing support and assistance during the entire placement period.

-- Have a new, full-time position available that provides at least 32 hours of work per week.

-- Be established in Colorado for at least 120 days.

-- Pay into workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance.

-- Not have experienced layoffs within the past 60 days.

-- Be able to provide on-the-job training to help increase the skill set and growth opportunities of your new employee.

-- Pay wages at the current industry standard for the position.

-- Agree to retain the employee following the training period, so long as the individual successfully completes the training.

-- Have a flexible timeline for starting participation in the program. (The process of obtaining subsidized positions can take up to 3-4 weeks. Reimbursement of wages to you can take up to 30 days after we receive your invoice.) 

The Training Subsidy program also benefits businesses needing to increase the skills of their existing employees. If your business requires staff training in order to remain competitive, you can apply for subsidies covering up to 50 percent of the training costs. Training must relate to the introduction of new technologies, the introduction of new production or service procedures, and/or additional skills required to upgrade to a new job/classification.

For more information:

Training Subsidy Reference Guide

Training Subsidy Program Overview

For customized assistance with training subsidies or other programs offered at our Workforce Centers, please contact Tony Anderson, Business Services Supervisor for Denver Workforce Development, at 720-865-5572 or

Early exposure to interesting, inspiring career paths can do much to encourage our young people to focus on school, set goals and feel more optimistic about their futures as working professionals. The value of a paid summer job can actually be priceless if it provides a meaningful investment in our community’s future. More detail available here.

Here are two specific ways for you to act today toward this important goal.

-- Be a summer employer with Denver’s popular Summer Youth Employment Program. We are actively accepting applications for young people ages 16-18 to be placed in jobs with local businesses and nonprofit organizations. These are low-income youth who are thoughtfully matched with positions paying $8.23 for up to 160 hours. We are very focused on making this program as fulfilling and productive as possible for all concerned, with a week of pre-employment training that includes life skills, career exploration and job readiness before each youth is placed. Denver pays the wage and you provide the wisdom, mentoring and experience. With ongoing support for each youth and your risk minimized through our process, your being a summer employer can change the life of a local teen. Use this request form today!

-- Create summer internships for high-achieving students who have overcome adversity. Denver manages two unique programs involving local employers. “Super Sophomores” are specially referred Denver Public Schools students entering the tenth grade who receive hands-on exposure to careers that fit their passions and interests, along with generous mentoring and support from us. In a partnership with the Denver Scholarship Foundation, we also work with employers to place third-year undergrad “Emerging Professionals” in exciting roles in such fields as medicine, law, aviation, finance and technology, among others. Both initiatives work exclusively with exceptional students, and we would welcome an opportunity to involve you. Use this request form for a Super Sophomore today!

Please contact our employer outreach specialist Todd Nielsen at or 720-865-5545.

Denver Workforce is eager to make connections between veterans and employers. Get started here.

Through our network of public and private partners, along with our professional team of OED economists, we can provide businesses with valuable research on labor availability, wage and benefits information, regulatory assistance, cost of living statistics, and Colorado occupational projections. 

For Labor Marketing Information and other resources, start here.

We appreciate that every employer's needs are unique. For assistance with recruitment or other services, contact Tony Anderson, Business Services Supervisor for Denver Workforce Development, at 720-865-5572 or

If you prefer, please use the request form and we will look forward to working with you soon!

Remember that all of our services are provided at no cost to you. 


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