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woman teaching jobseekers at chalkboard

We offer a wide range of training resources, both online and in the classroom, for jobseekers. They are open to the public at no cost to you! It's all free. Come in and see us at a Denver Workforce Center during regular business hours, or get more information by calling Montbello (720-930-4063) or Westside (720-930-4331). We are also now offering services at our Eastside location inside the Denver Human Services offices at 3815 Steele St. (720-924-8205). 


Choose a Topic Today!

Learn how to personalize and target both your resume and cover letter. Get noticed and get invited to interview! 

We'll share the best ways to prepare for your interview. Learn what kinds of questions to anticipate. We'll also help you develop your best 30-second "commercial," or elevator speech. 

Don't let your lack of skill with a computer hold you back any longer! We understand and are ready to help. You can get familiar with keyboard, a mouse, and the basic functions of a computer. Learn at your pace and feel encouraged to ask lots of questions.

Get a great overview of what the web can do. We'll help you set up your own free professional email address, and start using it today!

We'll show you how to create, write, edit, save, and print a document. These basics are great for your job search! And these are great skills on the job, too.

You'll be creating your own spreadsheet in no time! Learn how to create files and reports, add data, use formulas, and sort your data like a pro! This is terrific job skill that employers are looking for.

These are a group of online skill tests that can really help you understand your own potential--and show employers that you've got what it takes. TABE stands for Test of Adult Basic Education, while tools like Prove It! are more specific to technology, math, and problem-solving. Employers use these tests to help determine who to promote, too!

Talk about showing an employer who can really bring the skills! This certification measures your abilities in seven key areas--computer basics, Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, using the web, using email, and using social media. We'll coach you through any section that you need extra help with, too. 

Sometimes you have the "nuts and bolts" to land a job, but employers need to know that you also possess what are called soft skills--things like effective communications, planning, conflict resolution, working as a team member, and critical thinking. This is powerful stuff and will surely bring you to the top of the stack of applicants!