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Recording and Records Fees

Payment accepted in cash, check or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover). If paying by check, make it payable to: Manager of Finance.

 Recording Fees
Letter or legal size per document
   First page $11.00 
   Each additional page 5.00 
Plats, Mats, Documents larger than legal size (8.5 x 14) 
First page $11.00 
Each additional page 10.00 
Surveys must be on paper and will be scanned and sized down. If a survey is not on paper, a paper copy will be made for recording at a cost of $5 per page, in addition to the recording fee
 UCC Financing Statements
1-2 pages  $11.00 
3 or more pages 16.00 
All e-Recorded UCC statements, unlimited pages  6.00 
 Real Estate Documents
 Federal Tax Lien
   First page $6.00
   Each additional page 5.00
 Condominium, Plat, Planned Building Group
   First page $11.00
   Each additional page 10.00
 Release of Deed of Trust 
   Public Trustee release of deed of trust    26.00
   Each additional page 5.00
 All others, per document
   First page $11.00
   Each additional page 5.00
 Documentary Fee 
    (applicable to all real estate grants and conveyances)
   Per $1,000 $0.10
   Less than $500 0.00
 Military Discharge
   DD-214 $0.00
 Marriage Licensing
   Marriage License - cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) $30.00
   Marriage License or Application copy 0.25
   Marriage License or Application certified copy 1.25
 Designated Beneficiary Agreement & Revocation
     First page $11.00
     Each additional page 5.00
     Large-print format (3 pages) 21.00

   First year (see Records Request form for detail) $3.00 
   Each additional year 1.00 
 Uniform Commercial Code and Tax Liens (state and federal)
   First year, per name $5.00 
   Each additional year, per name 2.00 
 Trade Names
   First year, per name $3.00 
   Each additional year, per name 1.00 


 Registration & Renewal
   Individuals $50.00 
   Organizations  75.00 
 Late Penalties
   Per day $25.00 

 Marriage Applications and License
   Copy  $0.25
   Certified Copy 1.25
 Real Estate Documents
   Condominiums or Plats, per page $5.00
   D-2214, 1 certified, requested at time of recording 0.00
 Certified Copies of Documents
   Per Document $1.00
      plus, per page of document 0.25
 All Other Recorded Documents
   Per page $0.25

 Digital Data
   Cost per image $0.08 
   Cost per index record $0.10 


Clerk & Recorder Adoption of Fees

Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson has adopted a uniform set of fees for services. These fees were adopted effective September 17, 2013, following notification, a comment period and  a public hearing that was conducted on July 9, 2013.  The final list of fees may be viewed here. The notices and fee schedule may also be viewed in the Office of the Clerk and Recorder. The fee schedule will be reviewed annually at the end of each calendar year.