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Clerk and Recorder’s New Community Engagement Team Hits Denver Streets

Voter Education Efforts Underway in Neighborhoods with High Numbers of Eligible but Unregistered Residents

The Community Engagement team envisioned by Denver’s Clerk and Recorder Paul D. López is in place and connecting with communities across Denver virtually and in person.

Although Colorado has the best voting model in the nation, Clerk López has long expressed concern about a lack of voter participation, especially in communities in the ‘Inverted L’ of Denver. This includes the neighborhoods of Sun Valley, Ruby Hill, Westwood, Globeville, Elyria/Swansea, Montbello and Green Valley Ranch among others.


“I’m a community organizer and I believe in good old-fashioned face-to-face community engagement,” López said. “The team has really hit the ground running and has already engaged with a variety of communities including residents of public housing; people experiencing homelessness; senior citizens; the Vietnamese community; the Burmese community; Spanish speakers; and the Black community to name a few.”


In addition to voter education, the team will also engage residents about the numerous other services provided by the Office of the Clerk and Recorder. In addition to being the Chief Elections Officer for the City and County of Denver, the Clerk and Recorder also serves as Public Trustee and oversees foreclosures, marriage licensing, document recording and campaign finance compliance.


Since launching in September, the team has attended or hosted more than 40 in person and virtual events and engaged a few thousand residents.


The team is headed up by Director of Strategic Communications and Civic Engagement Grace López Ramirez, a first-generation Mexican-American who has spent over 20 years working to connect and empower low-income, immigrant, and disadvantaged communities.


Celia Reyes-Martinez, Community Engagement Manager, has more than 14 years of experience working with diverse communities in Colorado. She is a native of Michoacán, Mexico and understands the power of engaged and empowered communities.


Brande Micheau, Community Engagement Specialist, started her career with the City and County of Denver as a Constituent Director with Denver City Council and spent the last year working as an investigator with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office.


Danielle Adams, Community Engagement Associate, is a new Denverite who spent the last 12 years as an elected official in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina and is a certified national trainer with Vote Run Lead.




Amy Bernabe-Jimenes, Project Coordinator has been with the City and County of Denver for a year and started at Denver Economic Development and Opportunity before transferring to the Office of the Clerk and Recorder in July.

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