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Denver Golf Courses Work Toward Audubon Certification

Denver’s municipal golf courses are working toward becoming “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries.” Currently, Wellshire Golf Course is the first Denver course to receive certification.  City Park, Overland, Kennedy and Willis Case will complete their Audubon certifications by 2015.

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf is an award-winning education and certification program that helps golf courses protect the environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game. The program serves as a vital resource for golf courses by helping enhance the valuable natural areas and wildlife habitats that those facilities provide.  In addition, the program helps to improve efficiency and minimize potentially harmful impacts of golf course operations.

“Denver Golf takes being a good environmental steward very seriously, and we’ve even incorporated it into our mission statement,” said Scott Rethlake, Director of Golf for Denver Parks and Recreation.  “By working with the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program we are reducing our water and chemical use, providing natural areas for wildlife and educating the community about the process.  Obtaining The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Certification solidifies us as a leader in the golf industry, specifically when it comes to good environmental stewardship.”

In order to receive certification, Audubon International provides a site assessment and environmental planning form to provide guidance, as well as educational information to help with:

  • Environmental Planning
  • Wildlife and Habitat Management
  • Chemical Use Reduction and Safety
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Quality Management
  • Outreach and Education

Each Denver Golf course has a site-specific environmental plan.  By implementing and documenting environmental management practices in the above areas, a golf course is eligible for designation as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, improving its stature and reputation.

Denver Golf currently operates eight golf venues including City Park, Evergreen, Kennedy, Wellshire, Willis Case, Harvard Gulch, Overland and Aqua Golf.  Denver Golf strives to have outstanding course conditions and top notch guest services at the most affordable prices while making the sport of golf accessible to everyone.