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Denver Announced as Host of Greater & Greener 2019 International Urban Parks Conference

City Park Alliance, a national organization dedicated to urban parks, announced the selection of Denver as the host city of the bi-annual Greater & Greener International Urban Parks Conference in 2019.  Mayor Michael Hancock was joined by city officials and community members to celebrate the announcement in Denver’s Civic Center Park where they planted a tree, signifying Denver’s commitment to working toward a greater and greener Denver. 

Read the full press release from City Parks Alliance.

Below are highlights from the announcement and celebration:

  • The proposed theme of the 2019 Greater and Greener Conference, Connecting Urban Parks + Urban Lifestyles, explores the interrelationships between creating, sustaining and connecting vibrant urban parks to urban lifestyles. Denver is truly going through a modern renaissance and provides a global example of connecting urban parks and urban lifestyles.
  • Denver is joining the ranks of major cities such as New York, Minneapolis and San Francisco in holding this conference. The opportunity to host Greater & Greener 2019 will highlight our unique park system on a national and international platform.  With the Rocky Mountains as our backdrop and a world class park system throughout the Denver metro area, there will be no shortage of great learning opportunities to inspire innovative solutions to everyday challenges faced by urban communities.
  • As cities compete to recruit jobs and grow their economy, Denver has become a top choice due to our high quality of life that promotes creative urban spaces. Denver parks are a major factor in the high quality of life that is attracting new residents at an unprecedented rate.
  • Denver Parks and Recreation spaces and facilities are unrivaled in the Rocky Mountain West. The Denver Parks and Recreation system spans over a 148-year history, from the first park created in 1868 to nearly 20,000 acres of urban parks and mountain parkland today.  Denver Parks and Recreation provides a broad range of programs, services, facilities, and park amenities in the City and County of Denver. The city’s park system encompasses more than 250 urban parks totaling close to 6,000 acres, more than 14,000 acres of pristine mountain parks and 240 miles of trails and walks comprising 80-miles of off-street multi-use trails.
  • Denver is renowned for its healthy lifestyles and urban conservation. As stewards of Denver’s legacy, we are continually adapting to changes in population, technology and culture while also maintaining innovative programs and safe, beautiful and sustainable places.
  • The variety of amenities that we are able to provide is possible due to the strong partnerships we have built with organizations who value the idea that outdoor spaces promote health, environment stewardship and community bonds.  We will continue to work with our generous partners to grow a park system than supports resident wellbeing and the economic vitality of our city.  This process has involved turning forgotten industrial areas along the Platte River into beautiful urban spaces while revitalizing historic neighborhoods with new and inspiring park developments.
  • Through planning efforts such as The Outdoor Downtown, project city leaders are engaging neighbors to ensure that as density increases, we maintain our Rocky Mountain roots with many opportunities to connect with nature and recreate in fresh air.
  • Now near completion, the River Vision project along the South Platte River, has transformed what was once legal dumping ground into a series of parks along a regional trail, providing water access and environmental education opportunities.  Johnson Habitat Park is an outdoor classroom enhancing educational programing and hosts camping trips for neighboring youth who might not otherwise experience the joy of sleeping under the stars.
  • In one of the city’s most underserved neighborhoods, an effort to Re-Imagine Play will soon provide a one-of-a-kind, multi-generational playground that invites people of all ages to create new park experiences and be active outside.
  • Greater & Greener 2019 will not only allow us to share Denver’s green space success stories, but provide an amazing opportunity to learn more about public space and urban landscape management from leaders throughout the world.
  • City Parks Alliance is the only independent, nationwide membership organization solely dedicated to urban parks throughout the nation. CPA's vision is that everyone in urban America will have access to parks and green spaces that are clean, safe and vibrant.