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Denver Parks and Recreation Receives 2016 WateReuse Customer of the Year Award

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) was chosen by the WateReuse Association for the 2016 WateReuse Customer of the Year Award - Irrigation.   The WateReuse Association recognized DPR’s extraordinary leadership in water reuse during the 31st Annual WateReuse Awards and Symposium.  

The WateReuse Customer of the Year award honors DPR for advancing the acceptance of water reuse through innovative marketing, unique applications of reclaimed water and demonstration of how recycled water benefits the public and its business services.  DPR was recognized for extraordinary vision and unwavering support in utilizing recycled water, recognizing the importance of recycled water and its role in building an adequate water supply for the future.

In 2016, DPR and Denver Water continued a cooperative partnership in recycled water management by forming a collaborative group to evaluate and determine testing needed, explore mitigation strategies and evaluate best management practices.  The Recycled Water Management Advisory Committee was convened with the specific purpose of exploring soil and plant health issues related to recycled water and providing feedback for the long term management strategy for the recycled water program in Denver Parks. The committee is comprised of representatives from Denver Water, DPR and external stakeholders representing neighborhoods with parks served by recycled water.

For more than a decade, DPR has utilized recycled water as a sustainable, low-cost irrigation resource in urban parks. Each year, over 314 million of gallons of recycled water are delivered to 34 parks, plus the City Park Golf Course, totaling 979 acres of DPR’s 3,000 acres of irrigated parks.  This saves potable water for appropriate uses such as human consumption and household use. In partnership with Denver Water and community partners, DPR will continues to assess the use of recycled water, evaluate various irrigation methods and water management practices.



About Denver Parks and Recreation

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) facilities are unrivaled in the Rocky Mountain West. The DPR system spans over a 148-year history, from the first park created in 1868 to nearly 20,000 acres of urban parks and mountain parkland today.

The Game Plan

The DPR Game Plan is a community driven initiative the will define the next 15-20 years of investment and priorities for parks and recreation resources.  Your input can help define new parks and recreation centers, relevant programs, and how existing assets are maintained and enhanced in the face of financial constraints, climate change, shifting demographics and increased visitor usage.  Share Your Voice here.  For more information, visit