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More than $65,000 Raised at 2018 Bison Auction

Today, the City and County of Denver hosted its annual Bison Auction at the Genesee Park Bison Ranch, auctioning off 34 young bison from the Genesee Park and Daniels Park herds. This year’s record-breaking event raised $65,700, the most money raised in the auctions 33-year history.

The highest priced bison, a 578 lb., 10-month old male from the Genesee herd, sold for $2,500. The Daniels Park Bison generated $31,600 and the Genesee herd generated $34,100, averaging $3.85 per pound.

This year’s sale will leave 32 breeding adult bison in the Genesee herd and 30 at Daniels Park. Funds from the sale will help offset costs for veterinary services and hay over the winter and assist Denver Parks and Recreation in maintaining the herds and conserving pasture resources.

The bison preserve is located within the 2,413-acres Genesee Park, which was acquired by the City of Denver in 1912. Both the Genesee Park and Daniels Park bison are descendants of the last wild bison herd left in the United States. The first bison were obtained from Yellowstone Park and established at Genesee Park in 1914.

Denver Mountain Parks began caring for the first managed bison herd in Colorado in an effort to preserve the species.

Herds that numbered more than 30 million when the first European explorers set foot on the American continent were nearly wiped out by the 1880’s. At the turn of the 20th century, fewer than 1,000 bison remained in existence. Today it is estimated that there are roughly 500,000 bison in North America.