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Dog Parks

Image of Berkeley Dog Park. People can be observed with their dogs, there is an amusement park ride in the background

Denver currently has 12 dog parks for park users to enjoy. All visitors must adhere to posted rules and regulations. Dog bag dispensers are available at all dog parks and patrons are asked to help keep them stocked.

Before visiting a Denver Dog Park please keep the following in mind:

  • Unlighted dog parks are open from sunrise to sundown, 7 days a week
  • Lighted dog parks are open from 5am-11pm, 7 days a week*
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered, or have a current Denver Intact Permit (Denver residents)
  • Dogs must have current rabies and Denver dog license.

*Railyard Dog Park is the only off-leash area with lighting, however, other facilities may be indirectly lit by athletic fields or street lights.

Off-leash areas require continual upkeep which is a shared responsibility with dog park users. Deteriorating conditions due to accumulating pet waste, holes from digging, etc. may result in a closure of a dog park. DPR established the Adopt-A-Dog Park program to enable civic groups, neighbors, individuals and businesses to help keep their local dog park clean. To organize a volunteer group, fill out the Adopt-a-Dog Park Agreement and return to

  • Barnum Dog Park - N. Julian St. between W. 4th Ave and W. 5th Ave
  • Berkeley Dog Park - Sheridan & West 46th
  • Carla Madison Dog Park - 2405 E Colfax Ave
  • Fuller Dog Park - Franklin & East 29th
  • Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park - Jebel & East 45th
  • Greenway Dog Park - E 22nd Ave & Syracuse Street
  • Kennedy Dog Park - Hampden & South Dayton
  • Little Box Car - Broadway & Lawrence St.
  • Lowry Dog Park - East 4th Place & South Yosemite Way
  • Parkfield Dog Park- 53rd Avenue & Chambers Road
  • Railyard Dog Park - 19th Avenue & Little Raven Street
  • Sonny Lawson Park - 24th St. & California

Per dog park rules and city ordinance, dog handlers must dispose of dog feces properly and immediately. Dog bag dispensers are available at all dog parks and patrons are asked to help keep them stocked.

All dog parks are monitored by parks operations staff. Signage indicating status of condition is located at the entry to the dog park. This rating system is determined and monitored by parks staff, and if the designated off-leash area is not kept to the standard expected in the off-leash area, a warning sign will appear. If the area continues to be in poor condition, the off-leash area can be closed by parks staff. Signs indicate the rating status of the off-leash area:

  • Green: indicates that the off-leash area is in good condition
  • Yellow: indicates a warning that the off-leash area is in need of attention. If the area is not cleaned up by users of the dog park, it will be closed
  • Red: indicates the off-leash area is in poor condition and is closed until further notice

  • Pets, other than dogs, are not permitted in a dog park.

  • Only activities common and customary for playing with, training and exercising dogs are allowed. No other uses, including other park uses and commercial uses, are allowed in a dog park.

The following dogs are not permitted in a dog park: 

  • Aggressive dogs and dogs with a known propensity to attack or bite people or other dogs. Any dog that acts aggressively towards people or other dogs shall be immediately removed from the dog park.
  • Female dogs currently in estrus
  • Dogs that do not have a current rabies vaccination tags issued to the particular dogs, which tags must be attached to the dogs' collars or harnesses
  • Dogs too young to be vaccinated against rabies

The following restrictions shall apply to persons within a dog park: 

  • A person ten (10) years of age or younger is not permitted in a dog park 
  • Any person eleven (11) to fifteen (15) years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older)
  • Any person in charge of a dog must be sixteen (16) years of age or older 
  • Any one person may not be in charge of more than two (2) dogs at a time

  • Dogs are not permitted in a dog park when the dog park is closed or outside of the posted days and hours of operation for the dog park. Dogs are not permitted in a dog park when the dog park is dark and unlighted. Park Curfews apply.

  • A person bringing a dog to a dog park must have a leash available at all times. A dog must be kept on a leash until it is inside the dog park. A dog must be placed on a leash before it may be taken outside of the dog park.

  • Notwithstanding the fact that a dog may be off leash in a dog park, a dog must be under the control of the person in charge of the dog and must be in view of that person at all times.

  • Excrement must be promptly and completely picked up and properly disposed of by the person or persons who brought or allowed the animal into the facility.

  • Human food is not permitted within dog parks. However, dog treats are permitted.

  • The person in charge of a dog is responsible for any damage to the dog park caused by the dog. Holes dug by a dog must be filled in and any turf damage must be repaired. 

  • The person in charge of a dog in a dog park is responsible for any injury to any person or other dog caused by that person's dog.

  • Any person in charge of a dog in a dog park must comply with all posted rules and regulations.

  • Any person engaged in any activity assumes all risks associated with such activity and is liable for any damage or injury caused by said activity.