Dog Parks

Denver currently has eleven dog parks for park users to enjoy. All visitors must adhere to posted rules and regulations. Dog bag dispensers are available at all dog parks and patrons are asked to help keep them stocked. Before visiting a Denver Dog Park please keep the following in mind.


  • Dog parks are open from sunrise to sundown seven days a week.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered, or have a current Denver Intact Permit (for Denver residents).
  • Dogs must have current rabies and Denver dog license.

Dog Park Locations:
  • Berkeley Dog Park - Sheridan and West 46th
  • Barnum Dog Park - Hooker and West 5th
  • Kennedy Dog Park - Hampden and South Dayton
  • Josephine Dog Park - Josephine and 16th Avenue
  • Fuller Dog Park - Franklin and East 29th
  • Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park - Jebel and East 45th
  • Railyard Dog Park - 19th Avenue and Little Raven Street
  • Lowry Dog Park - East 4th Place and South Yosemite Way
  • Greenway Dog Park - E 22nd Ave and Syracuse Street
  • Parkfield Dog Park- 53rd Avenue and Chambers Road